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15 months!!

1 Jan

We stopped doing the monthly pics when we moved in September. Although I haven’t kept up with the monthly posts, there are just too many milestones to never do them again! I’ll try to do them occasionally, as it’s a great way to remember N as the days/months/years pass…


The stats: Babe is wearing size 18 months in most clothing – 12 months is amusingly small and 24mo/2T is baggy. I think for all winter we’ll be transitioning into the larger 2T sizes.  That means I really do have a toddler 🙂 It also means we’ve officially grown out of the baby carseat and into a big boy one! For safety reasons, N is still rear-facing, but I can see his new carseat being a cozy place to rest for hopefully years to come!017big boy carseat

Nicknames: bunny (zayets), muffin, Nikitos,  and chi-ki-ti-ta are the most persistent nicknames 🙂

Temperament: You do this awesome thing where you giggle and snort. It is hi-larious! And everything is hilarious to you – you are a joyful child! We’re beginning to see the extremes of your emotions: if we take something away you get mad and scream and stomp one foot. If you’re happy you grin and laugh (and snort). We’re trying to teach you how to moderate those emotions and we’re trying not to indulge you too much.

What You’re Eating:  You love pilmeini (Russian meat dumplings), mac & cheese, crackers of all sorts, sooshki (sweet little Russian pretzel rings), waffles, blueberries, meatballs.. . mostly meats and carbs. I’m trying to get more fruits and veggies into you, but i’m not always successful. You only like milk when it’s sweetened (i.e. chocolate milk) and you drink lots and lots of water.

Things I Could Do Without:  The little mini-tantrums when you don’t get your way and the constant entertainment. As you grow, you need more attention–and deeper attention. I don’t know how to teach you but I know you want to learn. I think we need more playdates soon!!

Item/Toy I Love The Most: Your blue ball – I find that one of the fastest ways to entertain you has been to play with that ball. You love rolling it to me and chasing after it (we don’t quite do the roll back and forth thing; rather, you roll it to me and I throw it somewhere far away for you to go get it and roll it back. It feels a little unfair sometimes that I make you always run for it, but you love it!). It has been the gateway to all kinds of games for us!

Item/Toy You Love The Most: Dangly things! You have a plastic Christmas ornament from 2011 that you love to hold up by the string and dangle. You love to hold your stuffed little monkey by the tail and dangle it, you love food that dangles. I almost bought you a stuffed rat at Ikea because of its dangly tail.

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now:  Walking! Giggle snorts! I have never heard a baby laugh like you do. The other day you were chasing me around your bedroom just snorting away. I die of happiness!

008007 wrestling with Uncle Mike

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Exploring! If you’re not free to explore and touch things and look at things. . watch out! You’re learning those toddler tantrums. But when you’re free. . you’re quiet, serious, and endlessly entertained.  You also LOVE this walking thing–whenever you practice walking around (and you pracice consistently every day) you giggle as you go. You’re no longer walking from person to person, but past people, not touching them or touching walls. You like the idea that those crutches are there if you need them, but you don’t need them. I love watching you learn!

You are becoming such a toddler – this month you learned to walk (!!) and your top two molars are almost through your gums and your bottom two are pushing through. You are becoming more independent and opinionated and you love to play with others and learn new things. Every day you are trying new skills and learning new ways to play.  We went to the library to check out books for the first time and you had to crawl every single aisle of the kids section (a couple times). You also climbed a jungle gym for the first time that day–cautiously exploring each step just an arm’s reach from mama. You loved the slide and swings make you giggle-snort!014 023 023

Today, New Year’s Day, we broke out the crayons for the first time and you drew some pictures. So far, you don’t really get the idea of art, but you like hearing the noise the crayons make when they tap-tap-tap. You seem to have an ear for sound–you like the way legos sound when you throw them on the hardwood floors.  We had a great time this evening just doing silly games, including putting your cloth ‘toolbox’ on your head like a hat–you thought it was so funny! The ‘toolbox’ has a red bottom and you love to look through the red plastic and see how it changes the room’s colors. It’s fun to watch you try new things and find new amusements!

022 052 051You really are a sweet boy. Most of all you love your people (and your kitty). you were so happy to have grandma and grandpa and Mike here. You love hanging out with your dad.031 005

You love playing with mama too but you’re also very content to play on your own. Sometimes you’ll be in your room playing and you’ll call out (ma-ma, ma-ma) and I’ll respond (Ni-ki-ta, Ni-ki-ta) and you’ll just continue playing.  You love knowing that we’re here. I like knowing that you know you’re loved.

You sleep well, sleeping 11-13 hours a couple nights a week, the other nights you usually wake once. We ‘re thankful for the sleep – and you do well when you you sleep well, my little angel.



Baby’s Second Christmas!

1 Jan

Christmas eve & day were spent at our house with my family. It was the usual traditions–made clam chowder on Christmas Eve and opened presents. Christmas day we had a ham (and yummy potatoes au gratin made from scratch by me) and Santa brought stockings full of candy and small gifts.  It was a sweet holiday 🙂

FamilyPic8-10 the whole family 🙂IMG_4110 baby’s first legos! IMG_4118

The highlight of Christmas – N learned to walk! I just knew it would happen when he had so many people to play with and learn from.  It was so fun for my family to be here for it!!

IMG_3948-2IMG_3975 N walks1 Nikita got some awesome gifts – mostly from his grandma and grandpa: a new ‘big boy’ carseat, legos, a bear that talks and sings, pajamas . . . the perfect amount of things and toys he’s enjoying already. We’ve kept a good balance I think of not having too many toys. When there’s too many around, I noticed N is distracted and doesn’t seem to enjoy anything. So I try to keep some put away and only have a couple out for him to play with. It’s also fun to have toys he can grow into. For example, he got a car/walker toy for his birthday and he really enjoyed fiddling with it (especially on its side so he could spin the wheels). We had it tucked away in a corner and he found it earlier today. It’s like a fresh new toy and he’s interacting with it in a whole new way.

Anyways, it was a really nice Christmas with my family. We all just enjoyed hanging out and playing with Nikita. I love hanging out with my brother (he spent the night a couple nights and hubs, baby bro, and I went to the Hobbit together). I think next Christmas we might go back to my hometown to spend some quality time there 🙂

Milestone: Playing Ball

22 Nov

 My little love-bug learned how to throw a ball today. This blue ball has lost a bit of air and has just enough “give” in it that he can grab the ball with his little hand and throw it. So cute!!  Of course he wouldn’t show the camera 🙂 We had a bunch of fun playing ball today, rolling it around, picking it up, throwing it.

Having a little boy is so fun!

Don’t you love his cheesy smiles?!

First Birthday Party

7 Oct

I can’t believe my boy’s birthday party was 3 weeks ago – my how time flies! It was such a great first birthday–we were still living in our apartment, so I decided to have the party at a nearby park. I rented a couple picnic tables (all the parks in our city require reservations/permits for the shelters and even for the picnic benches. We paid $20 for two tables for a half day) and invited the people important in our life (mostly adults but a few kids, too).

We had about 20 people come including my PhD committee chair, my 2nd cousin (and N’s third cousin), our neighbor and her two daughters, my brother and parents, my MA classmates, a fellow PhD mama, and our friend/2nd shooter for our business. Quite the eclectic group but it was a ton of fun!

I decided on a “Zoo” theme with balloons, party favors, and paper goods with animals and balloons on them. It was little work to gather everything and made it feel festive.

Birthday balloons!Birthday boy!Everyone had so much fun with the animal masks (I also had animal tattoos that were a hit with the big kids!)Babies playing togetherThe exact moment our reservation was up, another group showed up.  We were having too much fun to head home so we just moved the party over to the grass.The babies got all tired out–N didn’t even have a chance to open presents or eat any cake 😦  But he slept peacefully, happy birthday boy!The whole group–minus my cousin and her son.

It was a gorgeous summer day–N was born right when the Pacific Northwest transitions from summer to fall. He’s a lucky boy to have so many people who love him!!


22 Sep

I’ve been offline a lot recently because we’ve been busy living! It’s fun when you’re just too busy to be online – but also nice to return to a routine that allows it. Between working, celebrating, hanging with grandparents and now moving from an apartment into a house (!!) it’s been a bit crazy, but I’m looking forward to the calm that is coming 🙂

My two helpers…

My Baby is ONE!

22 Sep

This time last year we were first surviving the “big wait” as babe made his way into the world 2 weeks “late.” Then came his birth and our first weeks as parents. That was the most challenging part of my life thus far–the anticipation of a new human joining our life and then figuring out how to keep him alive and thriving.

Now, a year later, our lives are full! The past month has been crazy-busy. We’ve had weddings (for our video business), I taught full time. I planned a birthday party. And now we’ve found a house! The business continues for at least a couple more weeks, but I hope that soon we’ll settle into our new home 🙂

So – how did N spend his birthday? At the ZOO with his grandparents! Grandma, grandpa, N and I went to the zoo while dad stayed home and worked a bit and then cooked dinner. We had so much fun!

After the zoo, we went back home where dad was making Tseplyenok v tapake – that is, Georgian Fried Chicken. It’s a Georgian (as in the country, not the state) recipe for the yummiest fried chicken you’ll ever taste. And it’s quite the process–that includes putting a plate & full pot of water over the chicken to press it down into the frying pan. Funny but makes an awesome result.

After dinner, N. tried his first cake! He loved the sweet cream-cheese frosting and the colorful cake! Happy birthday, my little man 🙂

Milestone: baby’s first roadtrip!

12 Aug

Last week we took our first roadtrip with N. I was worried about how it would go–he tends to get sick of the car after a couple hours and it’s a 10 hour drive. We were heading to Montana to shoot a wedding and spend a couple days with my family. We decided to split the drive there into 2 days–we drove halfway after work on Wednesday and the rest of the way to the Flathead valley Thursday. My family met us there so they could watch N. while we worked and my brother helped us out a bit. Friday we shot a wedding and Saturday we drove through Glaicer National Park and then to my hometown, Helena, MT (3-4 hours away from Glaicer). Sunday was spent with family in the sun and Monday we drove back home.

It was a whirlwind trip with a lot of time in the car, but babe did great!! It was probably our favorite trip to Montana thus far (competing with West Yellowstone for Christmas a few years ago). Hubs had an awesome time, as did I. It was so great to be out in the sunshine, breathing fresh air, and N. got to see so many new things and new people!!

Here are some of the best pictures from the trip. I’ll follow with a post of some of the things we learned travelling with a 10-month old.
Glacier is seriously one of the most awe-inspiring places in the world!
Logan Pass visitor’s center where we went on a short hike. It was seriously one of the funniest experiences of my life! I put N. in the carrier on my front and we made our way along the trail/boardwalk.  N. enjoyed looking around and every time I’d take a step up (either on rocks or boardwalk steps) he would giggle. So in order to keep him laughing I began to briskly walk/run up the trail. Everyone we passed (and it was a very busy day) thought he was just the funniest thing–a laughing baby and his mom running up the trail. It was hilarious–and a great workout – LOL.
There was a family of mountain goats hanging out up there, too 🙂
My brother came along and it was so much fun to hang out with him!!
The drive from Glacier to Helena – we took mostly rural highway and it was gorgeous!

My dad & brother installed a baby swing in the backyard

It was really hot outside so we got a little baby pool for N. to play in. It ended up being the center of all social activity–everyone grabbed a drink and sat in the shade and adored N. He got to splash and we all caught up.
We can’t wait go visit again next summer, this time for longer!!