23 May

Over the last 8 months, I have made significant progress on improving my life in important ways. With such a big change as the end of my marriage marking my life, it is amazing to look back and note the progress that has been made in 8 months.

Health: I no longer track my food daily, but I still log on to MyFitnessPal to check calorie counts occasionally or to mark my weight loss. I’m now down 28lbs in the past year!

20140523-153052-55852901.jpgI’ve dropped almost two clothing sizes and I hope I can continue this summer.

Career: I have now been accepted to present at two prestigious conferences (one this summer and one this fall) on my dissertation research. I have submitted another proposal and have 2 more due in the next week. I’ve applied for 2 fellowships and was nominated for a teaching award, so I’m hoping some of those things pan out. I’m in a place where I’m smart and organized and know what I need to be doing to be successful. This fall will be the big test when I go out on the job market, but I am confident that with adequate preparation it will go well. And without my failing marriage, I’m in a place for it to go well.

20140523-154926-56966322.jpgPersonal: the ex signed divorce papers yesterday. I’m meeting my lawyer to officially file next week. With the support of my parents, I’m moving in with them for 2 months so they can watch N and I can analyze my data and write. I’m SO looking forward to swimming lessons at my childhood pool with N, backpacking with my brother, cooking with my mom…. And just getting work done. I’ve done a really good job of getting things done this year, so I am optimistic about what I can get done.20140523-153708-56228523.jpg

Parenting: N has also made pretty amazing progress this year. 8 months ago, he spoke maybe 5 words, now he’s a chatterbox. Sure, few people understand what he says but he had begun to understand the importance of language. Today they re-did the speech/cognitive/social testing he did several time preciously and he no longer qualifies for help with cognitive or social skills. He’s a bit low in self-help, mostly because of potty training (which is happening as I write!!), so I’m confident he’ll catch up.

20140523-154340-56620430.jpg we haven’t gotten the results of his speech eval yet, but his therapist noted that a) he’s made great progress and b) he may not qualify anymore!

N is going to have a fun summer with his loving family, and in August when we return, he will be enrolled full-time in the preschool next door! It will make my life so much easier to have him in all-day preschool and I think he will thrive in a structured educational environment. Progress!


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