Big Sky Christmas

22 Dec

With the way the calendar falls this year, I was able to take a long vacation to my hometown for the Christmas break. After leaving N with his grandparents for a week after Thanksgiving and then driving back on my own, we’ve had plenty of time to just hang out and enjoy a Big Sky Christmas.IMG_8772 IMG_8932when he first put on this hat, he wouldn’t wear it. When Grandma put it on him and showed him how cute he is in the mirror, he wouldn’t take it off (for over 3 days, day and night)!IMG_8959 IMG_8960 IMG_9006My first time building a gingerbread house – it was pretty fun (and took several hours of my afternoon). Built a graham cracker house for N. to enjoy, too! IMG_9027He had to try on all the stockings to make sure they were ok 🙂IMG_9100We had a fun morning at a local children’s exploration museum. He loved the shopping carts in the toddler play area!IMG_9138 Snow in my backyardIMG_9137Can’t wait for Christmas to finally come next week!!


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