28 Nov

This year has been rough. One of the craziest, hardest years I’ve ever had (almost definitely the worst), and yet I have so much to be thankful for:

  • My family, who have supported me beyond measure,
  • My friends, who have supported me in my time of need despite being a negligent friend in recent years,
  • My health (although I’m pretty sure I’ve come down with hand-foot-mouth disease too),
  • My amazing graduate studies/dissertation committee that builds me up and pushes me academically,
  • My son, who is my joy, light, and happiness,
  • N’s preschool, which meets my schedule & budget and yet gas the greatest teachers who really care for my awesome little boy,
  • Taking charge and finding myself again, which includes things like reading for fun, doing arts and crafts, cooking healthy, and losing weight,
  • My students, who really seem to appreciate my teaching even when in a little flaky with all the upheaval (and sickness) in my life,
  • Having enough money to pay my bills and have a few nice things. I’m fantastically lucky that we seem to be managing financially thanks to pay increases in my teaching jobs & new place to live.

I am so looking forward to spending a peaceful holiday season with my parents, brother and son an looking forward to ringing in a new year!!!


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