23 Nov

20131124-040747.jpgWe visited the emergency room of the local children’s hospital tonight – it was kind of a strange visit because it was so calm, quick, and easy. N’s symptoms kept spreading (swollen lymph nodes, restlessness, spreading rash) so I called the on-call nurse line. They recommended that I take him in to a doctor to check on strep throat. So I packed him up and drove the 3 minutes to the hospital for a 9:30 pm ER visit.

The hospital was so clean and efficient. We waited for approximately 7 minutes, were brought back, and seen immediately. The doctor looked over his rash and quickly said he has hand-foot-and-mouth disease. Although both my mom and I had never heard of it until recently, it is a common viral infection among infants and toddlers. Apparently it spreads through daycares – it’s just one of those childhood illnesses.

N has sores in his mouth and throat and the rash will likely blister a bit. He may be in pain for a couple days but will be fine in a week. I’m glad it’s not strep/scarlet fever or something else. I just hope that this poor restless boy will get some sleep. He’s been partially energetic all day – resisting naps, resisting sleep, but not 100%. Poor baby needs some sleep and poor mama needs a break. I’ve gotten nothing done all day.

Instead, I’ve been hanging out with this cutie:





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