Speech Therapy

22 Nov

For almost a year, I have been worried about N’s speech development. I had him evaluated in May but we had a bad experience with the evaluation and follow-up (actually, lack of follow-up). With the first evaluation indicating both speech and cognitive delays, I was worried about N’s development in general but since he wasn’t yet 2 years and I, as his mama, could see his growth & intelligence, I decided to wait-and-see. In July his doctor recommended that we follow up with a doctor at the local children’s hospital who did a very thorough screening. That doctor found that N does have a significant language delay (both receptive language–understanding–and expressive language–speaking), but he didn’t show signs of a cognitive delay. With that, I breathed a sigh of relief and set out to find a speech therapist.

Through a series of referrals, I found an organization that has been really great to work with so far! They are also a birth-to-three program but they came highly recommended by my university’s pediatric audiology clinic (where we had a hearing evaluation for N) and they are nearby. N had a short in-clinic evaluation and they confirmed that he is still showing significant speech delays and small cognitive delays. At this age, speech and thinking are so intertwined that it is unclear if there is some kind of delay in his thought processes that are behind the speech delays or if the delay in speaking doesn’t allow him to show how he thinks. Either way, I’m comfortable with this place and the team they have set up for us: we have a family resource coordinator who is very kind and knowledgable and his speech therapist is young and energetic.

Today was his first therapy session. They are in-home and last 30 minutes. It is basically 30 minutes of focused fun and games and the intent is to model for me types of activities I can do with N to support his speech development. It started really well. . .but by the end N was lethargic. Turns out my kiddo is sick-o. He has a fever that spiked to 102.4 today after his nap 😦 Poor boy! So I don’t think he got much out of the session but I think I picked up a few things.

We cuddled for a while and then he took a 3 hour nap. After his naps, more cuddles on the couch, a walk to the grocery store to pick up more infant tylenol (with N riding on my back in the baby carrier) and a hearty dinner of mac ‘n’ cheese. A bath and a nap for an hour before he woke up crying and we cuddled and played for another hour or so. He’s down again, and after another dose of tylenol I hope he’s down for the night.

I’ve been googling symptoms (always a scary thing!) but I think he either has another round of this cold or possibly a sinus infection. The mysterious symptom that makes me think it may be an infection is really funky breath. My sweet little baby kind of smells like week-old morning breath. Yuck. So hopefully the fever stays down and it all passes, but we just might have to visit the doc on Monday.


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