Fuck it all…

18 Nov

Alternately titled, “When life gives you lemons …”IMG_8549kind of how I feel sometimes.

After writing my previous complaining post, N woke up from his nap and immediately found his shoes and wanted to go on an adventure. I showed him that it was dark and rainy outside, but he was undeterred. Since I had a check to deposit, I figured we may as well go over to the nearby outdoor fancy mall where N could play at the nice, covered, heated play area and I could grade papers while he played. We could swing by a credit union ATM and deposit the check, too. Since it’s so close (two blocks) I dressed him warmly, loaded him up in the stroller, and headed out.

We easily crossed the first street and the whole area was well-lit. I kept a brisk pace as I chatted with N talking about the cars. We were almost there. . .when a huge SUV hit a giant puddle and sprayed us with a giant splash of water! Poor N was so surprised and offended! I’m sure the spray of cold water completely shocked him. He was happily chatting and snacking on bread, holding his water and stuffed baby fox. Once sprayed down, he howled at the offense and chucked his soggy bread onto the sidewalk. I was PISSED but poor N was so much more offended that I had to calm him down. There was no point to continuing on our way with both of us soaked, so I turned the stroller around and headed home, all while trying to reassure the poor boy.

We got home, i stripped him down and put him into a warm bath. Trying to think of how to make him happy, I started to grab random kitchen things. He really likes pretend play these days, so he ended up with a big mixing bowl, a ladle, a bowl, and a spoon. While he played with the ladle and bowl, I pretended to eat soup out of the bowl with the little spoon. I tried to talk as much as I could, comparing the ‘big spoon’ and ‘little spoon’ and talking about the yummy soup. Then, we found his plastic turtle bath toy and added it to the soup and I had turtle soup. Yummy! N laughed so hard! We probably spent 30+ min playing in that bath.IMG_8556mmmm! turtle soup!!

Sometimes, really shitty things force you to be creative. I’m glad we had a fun evening playing together!


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