Halloween 2013

31 Oct

This post is best read with this song playing:

What a fun day!
N’s day started at preschool with 2 ‘imagination’ parties. They said he did great! Mama had to teach and is still sick 😦 Then, we turned in the keys to our shitty old house & ran a couple errands & N went down for a short, late nap. Mama got her costume together (fairy) and then woke N to go trick-or-treating.

20131031-233751.jpgsadly, the only pic we got together–can’t see mama’s costume 😦
We started by walking over to the fancy outdoor mall. Then we headed back to our new housing complex for some door-to-door fun!20131031-233823.jpg20131031-233805.jpghe did require payment by chocolate to stay on track & not get cranky. I was happy to oblige because chocolate is such a rate treat!20131031-233845.jpgthis toddler did everything himself–from carrying his little pumpkin to climb ing stairs to selecting candy and saying ‘bye bye’ (no trick or treat but that’s ok)….overall, busy day but great memories!!

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