Farm adventures

19 Oct

KO7A9477Today N and I went on an adventure! We’ve been trying to go out to a pumpkin patch for a couple weeks and finally we got our friend Julia to join us. I wanted some cute pics and just a chance to get out and do something different (aside from walking our neighborhood every day, sometimes twice a day). N, I’m sure, wanted a new place to explore.

And explore we did! We fed some ducks (this big papa duck bit N’s finger and he was so sad!):

KO7A9497Met some pygmy goats (N definitely wasn’t sure what to think about the goats…)KO7A9513Inside the barn we saw some chicks — including a nest that was hatching before our eyes! N thought the chicks were pretty cool! We found a pile of hay to play in: KO7A9542 KO7A9536 KO7A9560KO7A9570And then outside we found some big pumpkins to play on: KO7A9581 KO7A9590 And a tipi to explore:KO7A9607 KO7A9609KO7A9618Then we headed up to the pumpkin patch!KO7A9647 KO7A9654 I LOVE this fog!!KO7A9655 KO7A9626 KO7A9625After checking out the pumpkins, N took a little ride in a wheelbarrow: KO7A9702 KO7A9698  And played with Julia, the tickle-monster!KO7A9713KO7A9718Finally, we headed down to the farmyard to check out the pigs. N LOVED the pigs! They made funny grunting noises and he just couldn’t take his eyes off them! KO7A9739 KO7A9732It was a GREAT little adventure with a friend and my own little piggy!! KO7A9725 KO7A9744


One Response to “Farm adventures”

  1. Pille @ Nami-Nami October 27, 2013 at 1:08 am #

    That’s a great pumpkin-crop – hope you’ll keep some for the quark-pumpkin pudding pie 😉

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