This week

18 Oct

Aside from all the drama, N and I have had a fun week! Here’s some pictures to prove it:IMG_8172We’ve taken lots of walks around the neighborhood (often 40+ min, N speed-walking the entire way!). The above pics were taken this morning in the cool fog.IMG_8145IMG_8173He loves mailboxes–has to stop and check each of them out.

He also loves going down slides head-first:IMG_8069
IMG_7995This week he came to campus twice for meetings and did pretty well!!IMG_8135IMG_8024IMG_8136I’ve been cooking healthy and losing weight and just feel good:IMG_8081When he can, he loves to do things himself. The steps leading to preschool have a low kid’s railing and he won’t let me help him up and down these stairs: IMG_8171Every night ends something like this: kitty by my side. IMG_8175Tonight was the annual potluck for my masters program (I’ve been going for 6 years since I was a MA TESOL student myself. Now I get invited back ’cause I’m still a grad student–and N has been going since he was 6 weeks old!). N wasn’t feeling 100%–I don’t know if he was just tired or is getting sick. He wasn’t himself after waking up from a long (3-hr) nap. Went to bed early so I hope it passes because we have fun plans for tomorrow! But he got to hang out with his friend L. there–she’s the daughter of my classmate/friend who has been in the program with me since day 1 and is still working on her PhD along with me. L.’s parents are from Egypt so she’s also bilingual (and a total sweetie!).IMG_8192


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