An ode to Apple

10 Oct

Since only, like, 2 people read this blog, I’m definitely not rolling in paid endorsements  In fact, all the words and opinions on this blog are all my own, and said company has no idea I’m even talking about them!

IMG_0009My totally old-school iPhone4

I’ve always been comfortable with technology and grew up in a home of PCs. Sure, I used the old apples in elementary school, but even as a photographer/videographer I never bought into the Apple hype. I have owned an ipad, I now have an iphone, and we’ve owned a MacBook Pro since 2010, but it was never my primary computer.

I LIKE PCs – I like that they are cheaper, that they are upgradable, and I’ve gotten used to Windows and all the quirks and commands that go with it. We’ve always had Dell computers and I like that you can build your own on the website to your perfect price/specs. But my last Dell laptop had major problems and my brother had gotten one in the same month and had similar major problems. I also tried a HP and was less than satisfied. Our video business does own 3 PC desktop towers and I do really love them. Solid, upgradable, and affordable (while still being powerful).

But after my recent experiences with the Apple Store, I have to say I LOVE APPLE! First was my iphone, which after over a year of use (thus past warranty) my “home” button would stick and turn on voice control, randomly call people, and generally not work. So I stopped by the Apple store and they said it’s a common problem from water damage. Alarm bells go off! Water damage is always a user-error and gets businesses off the hook. . . .so I was shocked when they just gave me a new (refurbished) phone the same day. That very phone is still working beautifully 2 years later.

Most recently, I took over usage of the MacBook Pro. After my Dell died last year, I had been using our 17″ HP laptop but it got beat up and was really heavy to bring to class for teaching. But that Mac had 2 issues: a funky trackpad and when I started to hook it up to the projector in class the screen would turn off. The computer is 3 years old, but the projector/video card problem was a known issue so I crossed my fingers and went in to the Apple store. And they took it, sent it off for a new logic board, and returned it to me 3 days later as good as new FOR FREE. Crazypants!

After this repair the funky trackpad got worse so I took it in again a couple days ago. They ran a diagnostic and couldn’t see any major problems but the liquid sensors had been tripped (danger! danger!). I was thinking they wouldn’t do anything. . .but they took it and replaced the trackpad by that very evening. . . FOR FREE AGAIN!

I have NEVER received this kind of no questions asked quality service (except for the Costco returns counter. That’s a fave!). After these repeated, easy, experiences. I can say that Apple is worth the higher prices. For great service, cute style and solid machines I’m definitely not going to play games anymore. My next computer will definitely be a Mac. . and I can’t wait to get my hands on a new iPad mini for N–Christmas, maybe?

3 Responses to “An ode to Apple”

  1. whatthemom October 11, 2013 at 3:27 am #

    We have the new mini and love it! Makes our old iPad look like a beast!

    • GradBaby October 17, 2013 at 9:15 pm #

      excellent! i really want to get one for N for Christmas…is 2 years old too young for a tablet? I think. . no 😉

      • whatthemom October 18, 2013 at 3:06 am #

        Our 2 yr old loves it. Just get a good case, as they will drop it!

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