30 Sep

Oh, my little boy is so grown up!! Today we made it through our first day of preschool!

1382173_10153293361915611_67333553_nDue to my new single-mama status N must now attend some kind of preschool and luckily the drop-in preschool right by my university allows little ones to come at 2 years old. Most daycares in the area require the kiddos to be there all day (even part-time , which is 2 or 3 full days a week), but I teach only at 9:30 and 12:30, so I don’t need a full day. So he’ll now be going half-days, every day, for this quarter.734120_10153293361965611_1666912061_nHe did pretty well–when we got there he was a bit clingy and didn’t want to say ‘goodbye’ but once they got him interested in playing he was ok. I guess there were a few fussy moments and a big water-spill all over himself, but overall the day went well. He was silly and happy when I came to get him and he took a good nap. We had a nice evening together and I think tomorrow will go just fine.1377006_10153293361760611_1532775263_n1240416_10153293361865611_1670481244_nMy parents left today so today was our first day all on our own. And you know what, N had a great dinner (ate an eggplant pasta dish I made yesterday and LOVED it!), we had time to play, take a bath, and he went down easily for the night. I worked–edited videos and I’m going to read a bit from my textbook for tomorrow’s lesson after I finish this. I just keep crossing things off my list–it’s amazing what you can do with a little peace and quiet.


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