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A long summer

21 Aug


It has been a long, crazy summer. For better and worse, there has been a lot going on. Whenever I have a lot going on in my personal life, I tend to fade away from writing until I can process it. I think I’m ready to start processing and recording what we’ve been up to and the changes being made.


Hubs and I have been working through some relationship problems that stem from personality, trauma, taking on too much and who knows what else. Over the past year our marriage has almost broken apart twice now but we’re holding on and working through the issues. I hope we keep moving towards a better place.


N is growing and learning and he’s so fun to be around. I’ve been concerned about his lack of language development and I’ve had him screened which turned into a saga of its own. Long story short, he has a significant expressive language delay but little to no cognitive delay. The expert on neurodevelopment in the area recommended that he work with a speech-language pathologist and an occupational therapist to help him get caught up, so now we have an active referral. But this month is crazy-busy and if all goes well, I’ll have a new job in a month so we’ll have insurance changes, so I don’t want to get him into a clinic without having these details worked out.


Which brings me to the other potential changes on the horizon: work. I’m done living this poor student lifestyle. I think a mentality of poverty has affected my whole outlook on life–we scrimp on things but then splurge at random times because we get so tired of being so poor. I think being more conscious of our lifestyle decisions and actually achieving our earning potential will change our relationship with our community, our family, our marriage, everything. So I’ve been applying for real jobs all summer and nothing has panned out yet but a ‘dream job’ has opened up on campus and I just had the first interview. I’m praying (praying!) at every free moment that I get another interview and eventually hired because it is the perfect job for me right now–and possibly as a career! I’m really excited about it and the anxiety that goes along with interviewing and not knowing makes me almost sick.


Speaking of being sick, all the stress from the summer of busyness, turmoil, and too much sunshine has led both hubs and me to get a cold. A yucky summer cold at the worst possible time. So I’m sitting in my office now with hot tea, orange juice, and a healthy lunch trying to get on top of things as I wrap up teaching summer quarter and transition into the 1-month course I’m teaching next. With a wedding this weekend. And next. Luckily my parents and brother will be in town to help out!

It was a good summer, too. It has been sunny and beautiful. I’m back to teaching college writing. I’ve had many little epiphanies about how I want to live and work. I visited my family in big sky country for a week with N.

A few pics of my love-bug in MT with his family:

IMG_7409 IMG_7391 IMG_7419


Almost 2 years old!

20 Aug

IMG_7604Practically a teenager…

The stats: You weigh a lot and you’re getting tall – definitely close to 30 lbs and quite tall. I know that your height-weight ratio is till in the 90th percentile and at the playground, you’re as tall as 3-year olds.

Nicknames: Muffin! Snuggle-bunny, Chik-a-ti-ta, chi-ka-tulya, angel


Temperament: Fun! You have an awesome sense of humor. You recently started breaking out in hysterical fake laughter while riding in the car. It’s soooo funny! You look in the mirror, slap your knee, and laugh, laugh, laugh! So funny.

You have opinions about things–when you want something and we don’t understand, you scream. When we take something dangerous away, you pinch, bite, or pull mom’s hair. You’re generally mild-tempered but when something goes wrong, you can scream with the best of them.IMG_7334

What Baby’s Eating: Proteins & carbs: meatballs, chicken nuggets, mac & cheese. Toddler foods. . . we can get you to eat veggies on pizza or with pasta, but nothing makes you happy like Annie’s mac & cheese. We also call the kids energy bars we keep around as a snack on the go as “baby cocaine”–you go crazy for them and actually become cranky when you’ve had one and can’t have another. You are really good at feeding yourself yogurt with a spoon! You learned how to use a spoon over the last month or two and now you can eat without too much mess and get most of the yogurt from the cup to your mouth all by yourself!

What Baby’s Saying: This is a long story, but you don’t say many words. You say mama, papa, ba-ba-ba (no clear meaning), -ish (push), and that’s about it… For gestures, you wave your finger as “no,” wave “bye-bye,” and understand ‘all done.’ You show a lot of interest in airplanes, birds, and the moon, pointing to the sky and commenting.

Things I Could Do Without: Nothing -you’re really delightful and I’m loving this phase! Any problems we have are with us, not you. You’re a busy boy and a handful to keep up with and your old parents don’t have the energy of a toddler 😉 I truly mean this, though, any time we have a ‘rough’ day it usually means that mama and papa have a lot on their plates and less time to play with you. So, of course, you want attention/food/to go the park/whatever and it is hard to not give you your way 🙂

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: The rare little snuggles you give me–when i’m putting you to bed, when I say up and you put your arms up. They are fleeting but tender and I love being your mama!

IMG_7340Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: You love your mama and papa, dad’s car, exploring and going to the park. At the park you love to run, climb, go down the slide, and swing.IMG_7359

Item/Toy You Love The Most: You love helping around the house. Your favorite thing is the hose–you love to water flowers, grass, the sidewalk, and yourself. You love to have a water bottle near by (in your hand, dangling from your mouth…).

IMG_7474 IMG_7615In the last couple weeks you’ve had a burst of energy and of intelligence. I can see you looking and interacting with us more deliberately. You’re working on communicating via language and gestures. You’re loving our routine and easily go to bed at night. You’re a happy happy boy and such a wonderful part of our family!