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Too much going on!

10 Jun

091My favorite picture EVER of this little boy!! He’s wearing a traditional Ukrainian headdress (we were doing a video shoot) and that smile kills me!!

I have had too much going on recently, so I have a bunch of half written posts. They’re half written because they’re partially unresolved, emotional, or word-heavy to get out. One is on the speech evaluation N had a few weeks ago. Another on ending breastfeeding. Another on the awesome conference/workshop I went to in Kansas this past weekend. So let this be a placeholder to keep me accountable 😉

Until then, more pics (which aren’t even up-to-date)
004N Visiting my class! My students LOVED him!!


039First time playing on a real sandy beach. He loved the freedom to run and the interesting things there like (dead) crabs, sticks, and ocean* waves!048

085More from our shoot – I wasn’t the cutest ever, but I was happy to play with my boy 🙂

*we don’t technically live near the ocean, but on an inlet that is attached to the ocean. It’s either a several-hour-drive or a ferry ride to get to the ocean itself.