The last few weeks

28 May

I’ve been quiet for a couple weeks now, which is usually a sign that a) we’ve had a lot going on and b) I’ve had things on my mind that I’ve been processing into words. I’ll be posting some of those thoughts very soon, but I wanted to post some pics of all the things we’ve been up to!

021Playing with the kitty–they will go in circles through N’s play tent, baby chasing kitty. I think Simon likes the attention 😉044Finally eating healthy foods again. N seems to be moving away from the all-white-foods phase, thank god.001  One fun night N woke at 2am ready to ‘party’ except he really didn’t have the energy for it. But he certainly didn’t want to sleep or lay with us. So he stood at the end of the bed and screamed. It was fun for all 🙂052089N loves physical play wherever he can find it: playgrounds, climbing, obstacles, rolling the stroller . . .034 046  084 We’ve spent a lot of time at various parks over the last few weeks getting fresh air and enjoying spring. We can’t wait to see what summer holds!!


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