Counting calories

9 May

I’ve never been a dieter–I tend to be quite comfortable in my own skin. But with a family history of weight-related health issues (diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure), I knew I needed to keep wight gain in check. I do have a tendency to be overweight, but with a bit of attention (and a trip abroad) I can usually keep myself at healthy weight. However, since getting pregnant and having a baby, my weight had crept up into an unhealthy range.

This week, I decided to do something about it. I don’t like the way clothes fit. I don’t like feeling winded after climbing 4 flights of stairs. I hate the feeling of being addicted to sweets (the cravings for sweets & the high and low from sugar intake). So I’ve decided to put more physical activity into my life and control portion sizes better. I want to think more consciously about my health, rather than an abstract ‘I wanna eat better.’

I found this really cool app for my iPhone called MyFitnessPal that helps me track the calories in what I eat and the physical activity I do. Based on my current weight, goal weight, and target weight loss rate, it gives me a net calorie goal for the day.20130509-152007.jpgThere are thousands of foods already entered so it is super easy to enter what I eat & most physical activities are already in there too. It has become almost a game to stay at or under my calorie goal–if I wanna indulge, I need to get active. I’ve started taking the bus more (saving money) and getting off several stops early so I can walk. I’m adding physical activity wherever I can so that its sustainable and not a big hassle I can talk myself out of.

Also the app shows nutritional information so I can see how (un)healthy my diet is. I still have too much sugar in my diet, as well as too much salt and cholesterol. I do well on protein and keeping carbs under control. I need more vegetables to increase other vitamins.

I’ve only been using it a few days, but I can already see it becoming a habit. If all goes well, I’ll be back in the single-digit clothing sizes (and can go back into some cute clothes I’ve saved) and more importantly, I can build new sustainable health habits for my little family.


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