In my yard – Part II

25 Apr

This week we have had some beautiful weather (high 60s-low 70s, blue skies) so we have been spending a lot of time outside. After mowing the lawn and generally creating some order in the yard over the weekend, we did another round of yard work today. We decided to try and re-seed some empty spots in our (uneven) lawn and maybe even it out a bit. I also bought some pretty flowers when we went to Lowes the other day, so I needed to get them into the ground.

054 063They grey-blue spots are combo mulch/fertilizer/lawn seed meant for shade and the pacific NW. I hope they’ll take and we can have a nice green lawn! 057 After hubs dug out these beds, I planted a peony that was left by the prevous tenants, as well as some daisies and a dahlia. Underneath the soil I also added some freesia bulbs! I LOVE bulbs because they grow into beautiful little surprises!058 While digging out another bed to put some gladiolas next to the fence, N played in the dirt and checked out the daffodils. They’re down to just leaves so he had a grand ‘ol time beating them down 🙂

It was WONDERFUL to spend a day in the sun with my family! We’re trying not to spend too much money to improve the yard since we’re just renting, but we are living here for a while so we may as well enjoy it! We cleared off the porch area as well and cleaned off our barbecue and both last night and tonight we grilled our dinner–yummmmm!

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