In my yard

21 Apr

I really love living in a house. The place we’re renting is old and pretty rundown/maintained without care, but it is a good fit for us in size and location and has a huge (uneven) yard. We moved in this past autumn as fruits fell and leaves changed color, so it has been fun to watch nature ‘wake up’ and see our yard come to life.

I planted some daffodils, crocuses, and tulips last fall, so it had been fun to see how they turn out–as well as some new surprises from the previous renters like snowdrops and some pretty blue flowers.

We go out every day, sometimes twice or more. N likes to practice walking and exploring outside and I like to see what new treasures have emerged. 013 I love these daffodils I planted!!026pear tree in bloom 003 can’t wait to see what these tulips will look like!!!  Spring is such a beautiful season, especially around here!050048019 It was cold and wet this morning, so baby was all bundled up. By afternoon, though, it was almost a nice day.028 027047 A little bit of lawn mowing–only had to do the whole yard 2 times, the grass was so long!



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