Back to where we started

16 Apr

Saturday evening, N decided to walk again. After getting his cast off, N would stand on his leg and walk a bit, but really preferred to crawl. There even seemed to be days when he didn’t want to use it at all. But after waking up from his nap on Saturday evening he was going, going, going! It was like we were back to where we were at the end of February before he broke his leg.

He was spinning in circles, practicing walking back and forth, and now all he wants to do is walk everywhere!036031025 His new favorite activity is walking along our sidewalk, back and forth. Morning and evening. Today he practiced in the morning while his grandparents in Ukraine watched on skype. He practiced again after his nap, playing with rocks and getting a little dirty. 047 057 The pear trees are blooming and it is warming up. THIS is why we’re renting a house. Spring is here!061 As N grows, we’re slowly letting him have the run of the house. Tonight it was fun to do my thing – a bit of academic work, catching up on the news, etc. while my boy played nearby. He loves to run between the bedrooms (via the bathroom which connects them). Having the freedom to go here and there is exciting! 066A little pic with my boy 🙂


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