Tired of doctors . . .

10 Apr

007Today N went in for his 18-month doctor’s appointment, one week after he got his cast removed. To say he is tired of doctors is a bit of an understatement: just getting weighed and measured was a torturous ordeal. Poor baby! Luckily our family doctor is amazing and N. was in a good mood by the time we left and I don’t think he’s scarred for life 🙂

Since I haven’t written about getting N’s cast removed last week, this is a good time.  He had the cast on his leg for 4 weeks and two days.  The first week it was on was pretty traumatic – babe was in enough pain that we were giving him tylenol or ibuprofen regularly for 3-4 days. We only gave him the prescription painkillers once at night–it was a pretty bad one, maybe from pain, maybe from frustration  I can’t say if it helped, so we stuck with just tylenol.  You could see a progression from babe in pain to mad baby–after the first few days of being in a cast he was just mad about the loss of mobility  He’d try to stand and play on it, but then he’d collapse in a fit of pain/frustration. It was sad. N spent a lot of time in his baby carseat in front of the TV – just to keep him off the leg and entertained!

Weeks 2 & 3 were back to the good ol’ routine with solid sleep at night and naps. Babe was crawling everywhere with the cast on and we took him out like we would normally, cruisin’ in the stroller.

By week 4, N was beginning to walk with the cast. We’d spend evenings playing in his room, and the night before the cast was removed he entertained himself for hours by spinning in circles in his room. It was hilarious!

Last Wednesday we went to the local children’s hospital and met with the same doctor who put the cast on. The appointment started with taking the cast off. N was a bit cranky when we went in because he wanted to crawl around and play, but I wanted to keep him near the waiting area so I could hear when we were called. They brought us into a large room with several beds where they apply and remove casts. The nice man who put on the cast came over with a saw to take it off. N sat in my lap and the medical technician gave him headphones to mute the sound of the saw. He turned the saw on (which sounded like a loud vacuum) and the screaming commenced.

It was horrible–N was SO OFFENDED that that loud thing would be brought near his leg. He was mad that this guy was touching his cast. And once it was off, he was offended that the guy took it away. He screamed and cried and wouldn’t calm down. I held him and kissed him and rocked him. A nurse brought a cute beanie baby lion over and tried to cheer him up. Nothing. Finally, they brought us to a private room to wait for the x-ray tech to come and get us for x-rays.013

We waited for 40 minutes and in that time I got N calmed down by drawing pictures on the whiteboard on the wall (and letting him play with markers), giving him a snack and water and by giving him lots of cuddles. After 40 minutes passed, we went out to check on our appointment – did they forget about us? No, the x-ray machines were acting up and they would be coming to get us soon. Luckily, not 5 minutes passed when they came to get us. We headed over to the x-ray room and I could see N’s face as he recognized the place and crying began again.

They put us both in lead vests and took the necessary pictures while N wailed. I then carried him back to the examination room and calmed him yet again. Not too much later the doc finally came in and pronounced him healed! She was very pleased by the bone growth and showed me how smooth everything has healed. I was astonished to see how much has grown in the past month–just amazing to see how these kiddos grow (not surprising when you hear his 18-month growth statistics).

After having the cast taken off, N was immediately standing on his leg. He isn’t walking much on it–standing, crusing a bit, but mostly crawling. One week later, you can see stiffness in that leg. As the doctor predicted, he walks with a limp because he’s not wanting to flex the ankle that was in the cast. This is a normal part of the healing process and should be gone in another week or two.

I’m glad to have the cast off and to hear my baby’s healing nicely. N’s glad to have his glorious baths back–playing in the water is seriously one of his favorite activities!012

All that said, I think N will be glad to not visit any doctors for quite some time!

Now, for the statistics:

N is 26.9 lbs (60th percentile) and 34.6 cm tall (94th percentile). Compared with 12 months, when he was 25 lbs and 30 inches tall, he has gained only 2 lbs and almost 5 inches of height!! I’m back to calling him my ‘baby spider’ because he looks all normal-sided until he stretches out his arms and legs. They’re just so long! When he stands up straight, you can see just how tall he is.


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