Short term / Long term

31 Mar


We have been trying to figure out our life – both short-term and long-term. As both an academic and small business owner, it’s hard to expect what will come next. Will I teach this summer? Where? How about fall? Will I get the fellowship I applied for? Will our business book many weddings? Which weekends? Will money stretch all winter? Will we book for next summer? Those are the short-term concerns.

Long-term, what do I want to do? What kind of jobs do I want to search for? I’m looking at both academic positions and State Department. I have a secret dream to work for the Foreign Service and I think my skills would be well utilized there. Hubs is on board and it would be awesome to be a traveling family! So I’ll be putting out many job applications over the next year. So long-term, we have no idea what city we’ll be living in but more than that, we have no idea what part of the world we’ll be in.

Layered on top of all these concerns are things like Hubs getting citizenship, getting N a passport and visiting the grandparents in the homeland. We had a trip planned for late April/Early May, just waiting to buy tickets next week. Of course a wrench was thrown into our plans: Hubs got the notice for his citizenship exam right in the middle of our planned trip! So, we can’t go then. So we may have to shave our 2 week visit down to 7-10 days and miss a couple days of teaching. Of all the reasons to have to reschedule this trip, this is a wonderful one. But our schedule is so full of teaching and weddings we won’t have another chance until N turns two and we need to buy 3 tickets.

We so desperately need to visit Ukraine, but cannot seem to make it happen. It takes money and time and money and time are things we are both short on. It took a year and a half to upgrade vehicles. It has taken a year and a half to try and make this trip work and we have a 2 year deadline. We know the trip will be wonderful and frustrating. It will be hard to travel across the world with a toddler, to cope with jet-lag while living with the grandparents, to transition between cultures and truly enjoy every moment. But it is such an important trip! I just wish I knew how to make it happen while still being able to do the things that are important here: teaching, shooting weddings, earning money to pay our bills and gather experience!!

It is difficult to fulfill short-term demands while strategizing our long-term life. I wish (pray) for the wisdom and guidance to do it right.


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