American Easter

31 Mar

Our busy weekend ended perfectly today with a trip to a town down south where we used to live – it is where I went to university, where we spent our first year in the US and just a beautiful town! The weather was gorgeous and we were ready to take a little trip to break in our new car.030Since today was American Easter, first we had to celebrate. After my boys woke up, they found little gifts from the Easter Bunny. N got some cups and tools for playing in the dirt, some new clothing (sleeper, shorts and t-shirt, and shorts/shirt for swimming), as well as a cute luggage tag, a book, and wipes that were for our re-scheduled trip to Ukraine. I think he liked the pinwheel that was also in his basket last year the best 🙂 024After playing with gifts and talking to the family in Ukraine over Skype, we all got dressed in cute clothing and got out our fancy camera for the first time since New Year’s Eve. We drove down, driving at various speeds to break in the car. Rather than trying to rush, it was nice to just take our time and enjoy being together, enjoy the weather, and enjoy the scenery.  It was a beautiful day! Our local volcano was visible as were the surrounding mountain ranges and it was stunning! The skies were blue and everyone was out enjoying the spring weather.

We headed to a favorite park we enjoyed when we first moved to the US almost 6 years ago. Here are some pics from mid-April 2007:225707_7695845610_206_n225642_7695860610_2126_n We look like babies!!

And some pics from today with our little boy:IMG_5980 IMG_6019IMG_5990 IMG_5998IMG_6012IMG_6017
After a nice little walk in the park, we did some more driving and headed home. We grabbed some takeout from a local Mexican restaurant and had a yummy meal at home. Both my boys were asleep by 9pm! It was a busy, great, weekend!


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