Spring Break

26 Mar

I’m finally on Spring Break after a busy quarter – I had my RA-ship and taught a class every day. I was juggling a lot but the money was nice 🙂 I’m glad to finally be on break so that I can take care of many neglected tasks (like cleaning, laundry, getting N’s passport, etc).

We’ve gotten a bunch of spring cleaning done already, but we still have the living room, kitchen, laundry room and outdoors to clean and organize. It really is cleansing and relaxing to clean out our things and let some sunshine in.


This morning N got a haircut! His first haircut was on his first birthday and we trim his hair every three months or so. If we don’t trim the sides and back he begins to look a lot like Einstein – his crazy curls take over. He looks so sweet and mature with a trim (and I make sure to leave enough so that he can keep his cute curls 🙂

We’re beginning to schedule our trip to the motherland for the family so that N can be baptized in the church where hubs’s family was baptized, I was baptized, and we were married. We’re not religious but it is an important part of our culture and will mean so much to hubs’s family. I was offered a teaching position for the summer, which means that our trip will have to be this spring!! Just a few weeks away!! So we will take N’s passport pics this afternoon and go to the post office in the next couple days to get his documents sent off. It still amuses to have an international traveler for a son–hehe!

Hubs is in the process of getting citizenship. We had hoped to finish the process before we went abroad, but it seems that the timing won’t work out. I’m not too concerned but he worries about the annoyances of being a permanent resident at customs. If we have to go through different customs lines, only one of us will be with N and if he gets cranky… it could be very hard.

My mind is full of logistics–what to pack, how to entertain N, which stroller and car seat to bring. It is going to be quite the process to haul our little family across the world. I’m excitedly nervous.

We’re also planning for Easter. I think we’ve decided to celebrate American Easter with the Easter bunny, egg hunt, etc. and Orthodox Easter with a good meal. N is a lucky boy–two Christmases, to Easters, etc. We will likely be abroad for Orthodox Easter, which is our favorite holiday there. It will be wonderful 🙂 It will be good to finally go on this trip. It has been hanging over our heads since I found out I was pregnant. We know it will be diffcult to travel, likely frustrating while there, but also wonderful to see N in the arms of his grandparents. They haven’t been in good health (Hubs’s mom has had two small strokes) so it is especially important. We wouldn’t be able to live with ourselves if anything happened to them and they hadn’t met our boy. Despite our anxiety about traveling, it is nice to begin to get excited for it!
015One week ’till this cast comes off and N can take real baths!!

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