Sleep, glorious sleep…

7 Mar

016This whole toddler with a broken leg thing has NOT been a fun adventure. It has disrupted our simple quiet routine and created endless frustration for N and for us. He’s so independent and proud of it and this injury has set him back physically by months to a crawling, barely standing baby. The timing of it perfectly aligns with a lot of 18-month developmental hurdles (like extreme emotions) which means that we’re living inside an almost permanent tantrum. I feel so bad for my baby!019
Monday I got up early to call our doctor to get a referral to an orthopedist. The nurse said she’d talk to the doc and get back–by 10:30, nothing so I called. She had some follow-up questions and confirmed that we’d definitely go to Children’s hospital . .and that she’d get back to me with the referral. By noon, nothing. By 1 nothing. I spent all morning anxious about it. I had taken the day off work, baby was getting frustrated, and dad and I were worried about the break.
002 After they took off the splint – swelling is down, just a little bruise left.

So I called the hospital on my own–and it turned out I didn’t need a referral at all! Since my insurance is in the university network and Children’s is affiliated with my uni, I can get into it without a referral. I could have started there at 8am! And they only had one appointment left for the day in a neighboring town 40 min away–but I took it! We drove down, me with the doc, and got babe into a cast.
013 Cute little half-cast!

Turns out he has a buckle fracture low in his tibia, away from the growth plate. Buckle fractures are most common in children and occur because their bones are soft–if there’s too much downward force the bone can buckle in one area. They’re minor fractures and heal quickly! She put him in a short leg cast (i.e. foot up to knee) so he has additional mobility! Best-case scenario!
034A little playtime in the baby bath with a plastic bag over the cast. It did get a little damp so I don’t want to do it often, but good to know I can bathe him if I’m desperate.

BUT now that he’s physically feeling better, he’s getting frustrated. He went to bed easily after getting the cast, but woke up at 3am screaming. Not in pain but in frustration. I tried to calm him – I fed him, I played with him, I rocked him, but for about 3 hours he was MAD.075
Last night he went to bed easily and slept for over 13 hours. It was glorious! This morning he was a cranky pants but we got some good play time in this evening. He has been standing on his leg, but not for long and he gets frustrated when he falls.Tonight has been a nightmare–he took a late nap and wouldn’t go down to sleep. Absolutely refused, even though he couldn’t handle life awake. Screaming until his lips were blue, climbing all over me but pushing my hands or face away. So absolutely frustrated with life. It broke my heart.043Partytime in tantrum-ville!074I think he’s now asleep and I hope he makes it all night. I’ll need a good rest if I’m going to have to deal with him tomorrow. Sigh.


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