Valentine’s Day / 17 months old

16 Feb

I’m not going to do a formal 17-month old post (I’m saving up for the big 18 months!), but I thought it would be fun to remember how N celebrated his 2nd Valentine’s day.. . and a little comparison with last year.

My little heart-breaker at 5 months:

And at 17 months!
Such a big, curious, boy! He LOVES his heart balloon. If he had his way, he would eat with it, sleep with it, and play with it. The first night after I gave it to him he actually fell asleep holding onto its string and I had to sneak into his room and pull it away (safety hazard!). Best $.99 I ever spent!

Mom and dad tried to have a nice dinner – Hubs found a recipe for steak with potato “croquettes” and cooked dinner for me. It began with a nice start–the potato croquettes were amazing. . but then he burned himself on the oil and then the steak was tough….. We ended up doing a re-do yesterday after we got a refund on the bad steak and went for mashed potatoes instead of fancy fried potatoes. It was yummy! Moral of the story: buy quality meat, don’t try new recipes after a long day working, and don’t make things too fancy.

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