13 Feb

It’s been a busy week, but in a good way. I’ve spent a lot of time on campus taking care of various tasks and trying to move forward with my dissertation planning. I got a ton done today and tomorrow is another busy day! I just might have to write a post about my plans soon – I think it’s good to put ideas out there into the universe as the first step to making them happen.

But until then, my baby boy! (I cling to his baby-ness since he’s turning into SUCH a toddler!) 002Bath time! Not sure if he’s investigating the cup (it has holes on bottom) or preparing to drink the water…013This is why we live in a house with a yard!025 So N. can play in the yard and play with sticks and beat the cat 🙂 This weekend we had fun exploring the yard and N and Simon had fun playing together. I looked over at them and it looked like N was beating the poor kitty, but it turned out that as N whipped the branch, Simon was batting right back at it. It was really cute and really funny!028026027My love bug!014


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