The past month . . .

5 Feb

It has been a month since I last posted and there’s a myriad of reasons why… recovering from the holiday festivities & getting back to the daily grind … stresses as we figured out parenting an increasingly energetic toddler… working and teaching and gray gray weather. January has been full of the blahs!

031But not for my baby boy! This has been a fun month for him – he’s gone from just barely walking to running all over. He walks forwards and backwards and hops on one foot. He falls and gets up all on his own. He squats to investigate and pick things up.  He’s off running and it is so fun to have a little companion, but hard to believe that this active little boy was once my helpless baby!

003 My funny, funny boy!

This past weekend we had a mama/baby boy date and it was really fun! We went to lunch in a restaurant! We played at the park! It was nice to go out and just focus on my baby boy. Since I’m doing my usual RA-ship and teaching a class this quarter, my focus is distracted. I always have a list of things to do that is much too long. It is nice to really focus on my boy. Now that he’s walking, I’ve been really turning my attention to talking. He still has only one word (mama) but he does make many sounds and mimics us when we make funny sounds (like snoring noises–so funny). The other “word” he has is the funniest “ffffff” when he sees the cat! Not sure where he got it, but it is ONLY used for the kitty.018 029 030  032We’ve worked on some gestures, too. N. waves (though more of a hand-folding that he does to himself and not the person waving). He also claps his hands – together – we’ve played hand clapping games for months but he only recently spontaneously did it for himself. I see his understanding really growing, so I know that like with walking, when he’s ready he will talk.014The only complication we have with talking is language. We’re raising N. to be fully bilingual (Russian-English) and I’ve been thinking a lot about how we talk to him. Right now our method of anything goes works well–most of our daily talk is in Russian but bedtimes stories are in English as well as some teaching speech (like when I’m intentionally asking him about his day or telling him what we’re doing step-by-step). As he grows we may need to be more intentional about our language use. I’m reading a good book on the topic now, so I may post what I’ve learned sometime in the future. That’s it for now. I’m glad it’s February, but I’ll be even more glad when we get into March and the winter grays fade away…


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