Baby’s Second Christmas!

1 Jan

Christmas eve & day were spent at our house with my family. It was the usual traditions–made clam chowder on Christmas Eve and opened presents. Christmas day we had a ham (and yummy potatoes au gratin made from scratch by me) and Santa brought stockings full of candy and small gifts.  It was a sweet holiday 🙂

FamilyPic8-10 the whole family 🙂IMG_4110 baby’s first legos! IMG_4118

The highlight of Christmas – N learned to walk! I just knew it would happen when he had so many people to play with and learn from.  It was so fun for my family to be here for it!!

IMG_3948-2IMG_3975 N walks1 Nikita got some awesome gifts – mostly from his grandma and grandpa: a new ‘big boy’ carseat, legos, a bear that talks and sings, pajamas . . . the perfect amount of things and toys he’s enjoying already. We’ve kept a good balance I think of not having too many toys. When there’s too many around, I noticed N is distracted and doesn’t seem to enjoy anything. So I try to keep some put away and only have a couple out for him to play with. It’s also fun to have toys he can grow into. For example, he got a car/walker toy for his birthday and he really enjoyed fiddling with it (especially on its side so he could spin the wheels). We had it tucked away in a corner and he found it earlier today. It’s like a fresh new toy and he’s interacting with it in a whole new way.

Anyways, it was a really nice Christmas with my family. We all just enjoyed hanging out and playing with Nikita. I love hanging out with my brother (he spent the night a couple nights and hubs, baby bro, and I went to the Hobbit together). I think next Christmas we might go back to my hometown to spend some quality time there 🙂

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