A whole different baby

4 Nov

This last month has been like living with a whole different baby. N. often sleeps 10 hrs straight. He easily goes down for both nighttime sleep and naps. We have a set routine and a happy, well-rested baby (and dang it feels good to get some sleep). He nurses 1-2 times a day–early morning before sleeping a few more hours and maybe again upon getting up for the day. Maybe once a week he’ll nurse a couple more times, but it’s getting rarer and rarer.

I’m really busy reading for my exams, so a few pics to see what we’ve been up to:

Bath time!

Somebody loves Halloween!




Babe is getting SO independent. He stands, climbs, crawls… He’s stubborn and smart… Not quite walking yet. I think it’s funny that he climbs all over he futon in his room but still won’t take steps, but I think he sees crawling as just so much faster. Not quite talking yet earlier– Ma-ma-ma serves most purposes. I just enjoy time with my little boy so much!


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