15 Oct

Finally, some pictures on the wall. These are my awesome WPA posters from my state’s 2 national parks.

I have a million things to do and only a flicker of time to do them in. This week is already crazy and it’s only going to get worse. I need to prioritize things ASAP because not everything is going to get done.

For tomorrow I need to write a short essay about teaching last month. Finish grading. Photocopy the pre- and post- tests. Mark them. Have a meeting about the conference I’m presenting at this weekend. Meet with my boss about the class I taught last month, the essay I haven’t yet written, and the grading I haven’t yet finished.

And finish cleaning our apartment. Only the kitchen is left, as well as wiping all the floorboards/trim and patching any holes from nails/screws. Today I did all the upper cabinets and fridge, now it’s lower cabinets, stove, and floor.

And I’m reading for my comphrenesive exams next month. I set up a meeting for Monday with my chair and need to sound well-read and smart by then.

And we’re shooting a multi-day Indian wedding this week. Shoots start Wednesday. Today I manged to arrange for childcare for N for Wednesday night, Friday-day, and Saturday afternoon/evening. That’s a huge (expensive) headache taken care of. But now we need to get cameras ready, go to the many shoots, and capture someone’s once-in-a-lifetime event with my head on straight.

1 Mirror: hung 🙂

We need to finish cleaning/unpacking our house for the various babysitters we’ll have here this weekend so that it’s not a total pigsty. Today I hung some pictures and put a bunch of things away. We need to get a couch (I’ve found a few cute ones on craigslist), but we need a truck to get one.

And, I’m presenting at a conference mid-wedding. We have a gap between Friday’s events and Saturday’s events–just enough time for me to run down to the conference Saturday morning.

Add to all of that raising a child and I’m spent.  This isn’t even mentioning all the things hubs is doing–editing a million weddings, taking care of N while I’m cleaning or working (they went to the beach to feed seagulls/ducks today). I figure we had a good trade-off while moving: hubs moved box after box, load after load of things from the apartment to the house and I’m in charge of cleaning.  And he cooks, too. I love that he feeds me yummy food nearly every day.

My angel did sleep 10-hours straight last night, so there’s one highlight of all the chaos around here 🙂


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