First Birthday Party

7 Oct

I can’t believe my boy’s birthday party was 3 weeks ago – my how time flies! It was such a great first birthday–we were still living in our apartment, so I decided to have the party at a nearby park. I rented a couple picnic tables (all the parks in our city require reservations/permits for the shelters and even for the picnic benches. We paid $20 for two tables for a half day) and invited the people important in our life (mostly adults but a few kids, too).

We had about 20 people come including my PhD committee chair, my 2nd cousin (and N’s third cousin), our neighbor and her two daughters, my brother and parents, my MA classmates, a fellow PhD mama, and our friend/2nd shooter for our business. Quite the eclectic group but it was a ton of fun!

I decided on a “Zoo” theme with balloons, party favors, and paper goods with animals and balloons on them. It was little work to gather everything and made it feel festive.

Birthday balloons!Birthday boy!Everyone had so much fun with the animal masks (I also had animal tattoos that were a hit with the big kids!)Babies playing togetherThe exact moment our reservation was up, another group showed up.  We were having too much fun to head home so we just moved the party over to the grass.The babies got all tired out–N didn’t even have a chance to open presents or eat any cake 😦  But he slept peacefully, happy birthday boy!The whole group–minus my cousin and her son.

It was a gorgeous summer day–N was born right when the Pacific Northwest transitions from summer to fall. He’s a lucky boy to have so many people who love him!!


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