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Jungle Cats

30 Oct





15 Oct

Finally, some pictures on the wall. These are my awesome WPA posters from my state’s 2 national parks.

I have a million things to do and only a flicker of time to do them in. This week is already crazy and it’s only going to get worse. I need to prioritize things ASAP because not everything is going to get done.

For tomorrow I need to write a short essay about teaching last month. Finish grading. Photocopy the pre- and post- tests. Mark them. Have a meeting about the conference I’m presenting at this weekend. Meet with my boss about the class I taught last month, the essay I haven’t yet written, and the grading I haven’t yet finished.

And finish cleaning our apartment. Only the kitchen is left, as well as wiping all the floorboards/trim and patching any holes from nails/screws. Today I did all the upper cabinets and fridge, now it’s lower cabinets, stove, and floor.

And I’m reading for my comphrenesive exams next month. I set up a meeting for Monday with my chair and need to sound well-read and smart by then.

And we’re shooting a multi-day Indian wedding this week. Shoots start Wednesday. Today I manged to arrange for childcare for N for Wednesday night, Friday-day, and Saturday afternoon/evening. That’s a huge (expensive) headache taken care of. But now we need to get cameras ready, go to the many shoots, and capture someone’s once-in-a-lifetime event with my head on straight.

1 Mirror: hung 🙂

We need to finish cleaning/unpacking our house for the various babysitters we’ll have here this weekend so that it’s not a total pigsty. Today I hung some pictures and put a bunch of things away. We need to get a couch (I’ve found a few cute ones on craigslist), but we need a truck to get one.

And, I’m presenting at a conference mid-wedding. We have a gap between Friday’s events and Saturday’s events–just enough time for me to run down to the conference Saturday morning.

Add to all of that raising a child and I’m spent.  This isn’t even mentioning all the things hubs is doing–editing a million weddings, taking care of N while I’m cleaning or working (they went to the beach to feed seagulls/ducks today). I figure we had a good trade-off while moving: hubs moved box after box, load after load of things from the apartment to the house and I’m in charge of cleaning.  And he cooks, too. I love that he feeds me yummy food nearly every day.

My angel did sleep 10-hours straight last night, so there’s one highlight of all the chaos around here 🙂

Squeaky clean

14 Oct

Why is it that my apartments are always cleanest when I’m moving out?

After doing a little home improvement yesterday, we spent today cleaning our apartment. We’re juuust about ready to turn in the keys–the kitchen needs to be cleaned and I should patch some nail/screw holes and wipe down the floorboards/trim. Today we shampooed the carpets because they were filthy. We paid a non-refundable deposit on the apartment that includes carpet cleaning but the carpets were so disgusting that I’m ashamed to leave them in that condition. The carpets are this awful beige color that attracts dirt. Add to that a baby that likes to throw food. . .and you have a recipe for disgusting carpets.

But today they look much better 🙂 Can’t wait to get out of the apartment! Too bad I’ve spent all my cleaning energy on someone else.

Home improvement

13 Oct

Our idea of a fun Saturday night? A little bit of home improvement. The shower in our rental house never gets hot enough and a quick google of the problem said that we had to change the temperature setting in the faucet. So we did (a small adventure requiring us to turn off water to the house just in case, take off the handle with an Allen wrench and a but of force, and guesstimate the new setting). We also changed out the shower head for a 4-setting, low-flow head. Now we have shower heaven.

Exam Date

7 Oct

Thanksgiving weekend I’ll be writing my comprehensive exams. The second week of December are my orals.

By Christmas, I hopefully will be a PhD candidate! If I can only make it until then!!!

First Birthday Party

7 Oct

I can’t believe my boy’s birthday party was 3 weeks ago – my how time flies! It was such a great first birthday–we were still living in our apartment, so I decided to have the party at a nearby park. I rented a couple picnic tables (all the parks in our city require reservations/permits for the shelters and even for the picnic benches. We paid $20 for two tables for a half day) and invited the people important in our life (mostly adults but a few kids, too).

We had about 20 people come including my PhD committee chair, my 2nd cousin (and N’s third cousin), our neighbor and her two daughters, my brother and parents, my MA classmates, a fellow PhD mama, and our friend/2nd shooter for our business. Quite the eclectic group but it was a ton of fun!

I decided on a “Zoo” theme with balloons, party favors, and paper goods with animals and balloons on them. It was little work to gather everything and made it feel festive.

Birthday balloons!Birthday boy!Everyone had so much fun with the animal masks (I also had animal tattoos that were a hit with the big kids!)Babies playing togetherThe exact moment our reservation was up, another group showed up.  We were having too much fun to head home so we just moved the party over to the grass.The babies got all tired out–N didn’t even have a chance to open presents or eat any cake 😦  But he slept peacefully, happy birthday boy!The whole group–minus my cousin and her son.

It was a gorgeous summer day–N was born right when the Pacific Northwest transitions from summer to fall. He’s a lucky boy to have so many people who love him!!