…terrible night

26 Sep

Or, breastfeeding a teething baby.

N has 8 teeth and whenever a new one comes in, nursing is really painful for a few days as the sharp little tooth breaks and we both adjust to the new little razor in his mouth. I’ve not really had problems with biting; rather, the indent from his teeth and a loose latch have caused me endless damage. I’m back to sore and cracked nipples but the worst is the damage to the inside. One bad latch and the next day or so of feedings burns as it bleeds. Any scab inside re-breaks and sears as it both functions as milk delivery and heals.

We can see babe’s fangs coming in–bottom left and right are just under the skin. I wonder if they didn’t break thru last night. N. nursed to sleep sweetly to bed, woke briefly 2-3 hrs later and I easily rubbed his back and he slept. But a couple hours later he awoke, hungry. I went to bed with him (we still co-sleep) and–chomp!–searing pain! One bad latch and I was in tears. We switched sides and he made it back to sleep.

Probably an hour later I slowly awoke to a sobbing baby. Our nights usually have a bit of feeding and cuddling but I hardly remember in the morning. Last night was one of those horrible nights where you are sleeping so deeply that it’s difficult to discern dream from reality and when you do wake up, reality is disorienting and you’re confused.

I managed to feed him a bit, calm him, and go back to sleep.

Shortly thereafter, repeat.

The repeat was actually 4 hrs later and close enough to my alarm that I didn’t bother going back to sleep. But babe needed to, so I rubbed his back, offered to nurse, and chomp! the good side was damaged. Sigh.

So now I have 2 achy nipples (one with a visible crack/bleeding), little sleep, and a cranky baby. I’m glad to be heading to campus to get away and when I get home I’m headed for a nap.


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