Bumps and bruises

26 Sep

My baby cut himself twice today 😦 ever since he got more mobile, he has started to get bumps and bruises. One day we were playing and he fell right on me and we bumped heads, forehead to forehead. It hurt so bad and we both had goose-eggs for a couple days.

All day today he has been crawling into things–so focused on crawling fast that he doesn’t even see where he’s going!

Tonight while giving him a bath he bonked his head on the edge of the tub. He likes to crawl all over the tub, but today he didn’t even have the chance. Just minutes after getting in, while still soapy, he leaned foreword hard a few inches and caught the edge. Cut his eyelid open 😦 Poor baby! He cried a bit, there was a trickle of blood, and then he was back to his giggly self 🙂


A couple hours later, he cut his finger on the heater. He’s always tinkering with anything he can touch. Not sure how he did it, but this one bled a lot!! Sigh. He’s now chillin in his car seat where he can’t hurt himself or anyone else (like me!). Can’t wait till he goes to sleep!!

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