My Baby is ONE!

22 Sep

This time last year we were first surviving the “big wait” as babe made his way into the world 2 weeks “late.” Then came his birth and our first weeks as parents. That was the most challenging part of my life thus far–the anticipation of a new human joining our life and then figuring out how to keep him alive and thriving.

Now, a year later, our lives are full! The past month has been crazy-busy. We’ve had weddings (for our video business), I taught full time. I planned a birthday party. And now we’ve found a house! The business continues for at least a couple more weeks, but I hope that soon we’ll settle into our new home 🙂

So – how did N spend his birthday? At the ZOO with his grandparents! Grandma, grandpa, N and I went to the zoo while dad stayed home and worked a bit and then cooked dinner. We had so much fun!

After the zoo, we went back home where dad was making Tseplyenok v tapake – that is, Georgian Fried Chicken. It’s a Georgian (as in the country, not the state) recipe for the yummiest fried chicken you’ll ever taste. And it’s quite the process–that includes putting a plate & full pot of water over the chicken to press it down into the frying pan. Funny but makes an awesome result.

After dinner, N. tried his first cake! He loved the sweet cream-cheese frosting and the colorful cake! Happy birthday, my little man 🙂


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