Life at night

28 Aug

This was SO our night last night. Thankfully tonight has gone better.

(Jump to about a minute in for the actual story–the first minute is Samuel L Jackson commentary)
Oh, and when he’s not not-sleeping, he’s falling asleep in his playpen. Cute boy, but dude. Sleep!



One Response to “Life at night”

  1. Robin August 29, 2012 at 7:46 am #

    It must be contagious, because for the first night in over a month Baby V woke up and screamed on and off for an hour and forty-five minutes which is not like her at all. Naps, however, are another story.

    I’m reading Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child right now. My friend who has a 4 month old recommended it. Maybe you want to check it out?

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