Little helper

25 Aug

Today we had an early-morning shoot for our business and N. came a long to help.  It was actually a pretty crazy night–we always have a lot equipment prep to do before any shoot and we spent most of the afternoon/evening doing that. By the time we were ready, ate, and got the boy to bed, it was midnight.  And we had a 4:30 alarm to wake up, get loaded, and get to the location (out in the hills outside our city to shoot a bride & groom with horses at sunrise). N. was up pretty much every hour or two to eat. . .and yet we still missed our alarm.  So we were awakened by the bride (this is an after-wedding shoot. Thank god it wasn’t a wedding!!) wondering where we were. So with a big shot of adrenaline we were up and packed and on the road within fifteen minutes.

The shoot went well and luckily the horse and his people were running late too 🙂  N. was great, hanging out on my back the whole time.

Babe’s first day of on-the-job training.  Future filmmaker!!

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