From Surviving to Thriving

13 Aug

I took my wedding ring off last July when the heat and swelling from pregnancy made it uncomfortable. My finger began to have an allergic reaction to the gold, so putting it back on after pregnancy didn’t work. Last week I finally took it in to be re-sized a little bigger and coated with rhodium, which prevents the allergic reaction. It is so nice to have it back on my finger!

I’m posting this because it is just a little sign that we’re moving out of surviving day-to-day life with a newborn into living our lives as a family of three. The difference is that we now have a chance to look forward and think more about the future. We’d like to move out of our apartment into a little house so that we have a bit more space (and a yard!). We’ve survived our first roadtrip with the babe and actually had a lot of fun! This weekend N. and I went to the local farmer’s market–by bus–together. We’re really beginning to live a fun life as a family of 3.

It helps that we’re falling into a new routine. N. goes to bed between 9-10 at night and usually doesn’t protest sleeping in his crib. He still wakes 2 times at night, but I’ve noticed that although he is hungry, he doesn’t finish both sides. Maybe he’ll finally drop a feeding?

N crawls all the time now and I’m trying to clean/babyproof the apartment well enough that he could possibly be free around here. For now he has his playpen and I take him to the park as often as possible. He takes baths in the open bathtub and has so much fun crawling and playing and splashing.

Over the past couple weeks, life with our baby has really changed. He has gone from “baby” to little friend. I’m beginning to imagine how fun (and active) life with a toddler will be.

This summer I’ve been working 3 jobs–which is the busiest I’ve been in my life. Luckily I haven’t had too much to do with my RA-ship and we’ve only had a few well-timed weddings. With teaching, I ended up with the best possible schedule and it has been quite fun to be back in the classroom. It’s nice to be earning real money this summer–it’s too bad there are so many bills to spend it on.

In a week summer quarter ends and I immediately go into teaching a course for the 1-month gap term between summer and fall quarter. It ends the day before N’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe my kiddo is almost a year old. Luckily I’ll have my family here for all of September so they can babysit the boy while I’m teaching/grading and we can all have fun for at least a week after I’m done teaching.

I’ve just got to plan an awesome birthday party…

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