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Life at night

28 Aug

This was SO our night last night. Thankfully tonight has gone better.

(Jump to about a minute in for the actual story–the first minute is Samuel L Jackson commentary)
Oh, and when he’s not not-sleeping, he’s falling asleep in his playpen. Cute boy, but dude. Sleep!



Little helper

25 Aug

Today we had an early-morning shoot for our business and N. came a long to help.  It was actually a pretty crazy night–we always have a lot equipment prep to do before any shoot and we spent most of the afternoon/evening doing that. By the time we were ready, ate, and got the boy to bed, it was midnight.  And we had a 4:30 alarm to wake up, get loaded, and get to the location (out in the hills outside our city to shoot a bride & groom with horses at sunrise). N. was up pretty much every hour or two to eat. . .and yet we still missed our alarm.  So we were awakened by the bride (this is an after-wedding shoot. Thank god it wasn’t a wedding!!) wondering where we were. So with a big shot of adrenaline we were up and packed and on the road within fifteen minutes.

The shoot went well and luckily the horse and his people were running late too 🙂  N. was great, hanging out on my back the whole time.

Babe’s first day of on-the-job training.  Future filmmaker!!

11 months!

21 Aug

The stats: Size 4 diapers, size 12 mo clothes are too small–you’re still wearing them since it’s summer and not-quite-fitting into clothing works since you’re pretty much in shorts and rompers.  Your chubby belly doesn’t squeeze well into pants–I think I need to start looking for other brands to find a “huskier” fit since 18-month clothes are longer but not necessarily wider.

Nicknames: Muffin, bunny (zayets),  chi-ki-ti-ta, “cutest baby in the world” (because you are).

Temperament: So silly! You have begun to “play” with us. One of our favorite games is for me to clap my hands. Then I stop with my palms together. You take your little pointer finger and pry my hands apart. If I hold them apart, you push them together so that I clap again! You don’t want to clap by yourself, but you’ll give me “five.” You also love your beach ball.

What You’re Eating: BLUEBERRIES! If you are what you eat, then you are a blueberry! You love them most of all!!! You also love avocado, cheerios, kiwi, organic cheddar bunny crackers (saved my life during our trip to Montana), cheese, eggs, chicken (really, any meat), pasta (you had your first mac & cheese this month!).  You don’t like mango or strawberries.

Things I Could Do Without: waking up several times a night, all night. I’m having serious mama jealousy of all the babes who sleep 7 hours or 12 hour stretches. I know you’re a big boy and quite hungry at night, but dude, I’d love some sleep!

Item/Toy I Love The Most: You’re really loving/getting a lot of fun play out of the activity center your grandparents got you for Christmas. Now that you’re standing (eek!), you love to run and walk all around the table in the “walker.” You now enjoy each of the toys on the tabletop. It’s also a great place to put cheerios and other snacks for you to eat during the day. Your Dr. said that babies eat about 25% of their food in snacks!

Item/Toy You Love The Most: Hmm, your current “movie” love is a documentary film called “My Perestroika” about a group of school friends who grew up under communism but became adults right around the end of the USSR. It follows their lives and interviews them about how they’re living in Moscow now. It has awesome documentary footage from the USSR and lots of music from your dad’s childhood. Another documentary that totally entrances you–you like it on while you play and it helps you nap when dad is home watching you. All I can say is that I’m glad at least this one is in Russian 😉

Other than your film, you have lots of toys you enjoy: your ball, your stuffed octopus, you love your play yard (you can crawl and stand in it) and the little music toy “ipod.” You like things that make noise and interact with you 🙂

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: Going on adventures with you! Seriously, one of the happiest days of my life was hiking in Glacier with you. I love going to the wading pool or the park to play on the swings. We went to the farmer’s market and although you were a bit cranky it was awesome! I love these little bits of time with just me and you.

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Your feet – you love to crawl and stand and bounce and get use out of those funny legs of yours! Whenever you wake up at night, you immediately crawl to the end of your crib, stand and cry. I can’t figure out if you’re crawling/standing in your sleep or in your grogginess but you are definitely surprised and frustrated to find yourself standing there. Sometimes you’ll wake up after just an hour of sleep like this.

You had a funny phase when you just learned to stand where you loved to stand up but couldn’t figure out how to get back down so you’d cry and cry until someone saved you. Good thing it only lasted a couple days!!

Oh! And you love baths!! You’re finally playing in the big tub all by yourself and it is awesome! Now that you’re eating so much (and completely on your own–no help from mama), you get really messy so after dinner you get a nightly dip in the tub. I try not to do it every single night because it’s bad for your skin, but most evenings you’re just too covered in food!

Chickatita – I’m totally late in posting this because I’m in denial that you’re almost a year old. That my tiny baby that grew in by belly is getting so big and independent. I love feeding you in the evenings and at night because I get to see that baby again. Although I’d love to actually sleep at night, when you do sleep for longer stretches I miss you.

This month makes me anxious–anxious to find a bigger place to live in so that you can crawl/walk and explore in your own home. It is impossible to babyproof our current place without pretty much hauling all our stuff out and putting it back in. Our current living arrangements just aren’t working for our little family and we need to explore other options. I’m anxious to plan an awesome birthday party for you because you are such a precious part of our family and need to be celebrated. I’m anxious about this fall and whether you should go into part-time daycare for social development/fun or if it would just introduce illness, expense, and hassle into our lives. Your papa and I have a lot of decisions to make and we so want to do right by you.

I love you, we love you so much! This was an amazing month for you–you got to spend so much time with people who adore you. Your grandpa and grandpa, your uncle Mike, your aunt & uncle and my cousins. You got to go on your first roadtrip and you did wonderfully. I just love how beautifully you fit into our little family!!

From Surviving to Thriving

13 Aug

I took my wedding ring off last July when the heat and swelling from pregnancy made it uncomfortable. My finger began to have an allergic reaction to the gold, so putting it back on after pregnancy didn’t work. Last week I finally took it in to be re-sized a little bigger and coated with rhodium, which prevents the allergic reaction. It is so nice to have it back on my finger!

I’m posting this because it is just a little sign that we’re moving out of surviving day-to-day life with a newborn into living our lives as a family of three. The difference is that we now have a chance to look forward and think more about the future. We’d like to move out of our apartment into a little house so that we have a bit more space (and a yard!). We’ve survived our first roadtrip with the babe and actually had a lot of fun! This weekend N. and I went to the local farmer’s market–by bus–together. We’re really beginning to live a fun life as a family of 3.

It helps that we’re falling into a new routine. N. goes to bed between 9-10 at night and usually doesn’t protest sleeping in his crib. He still wakes 2 times at night, but I’ve noticed that although he is hungry, he doesn’t finish both sides. Maybe he’ll finally drop a feeding?

N crawls all the time now and I’m trying to clean/babyproof the apartment well enough that he could possibly be free around here. For now he has his playpen and I take him to the park as often as possible. He takes baths in the open bathtub and has so much fun crawling and playing and splashing.

Over the past couple weeks, life with our baby has really changed. He has gone from “baby” to little friend. I’m beginning to imagine how fun (and active) life with a toddler will be.

This summer I’ve been working 3 jobs–which is the busiest I’ve been in my life. Luckily I haven’t had too much to do with my RA-ship and we’ve only had a few well-timed weddings. With teaching, I ended up with the best possible schedule and it has been quite fun to be back in the classroom. It’s nice to be earning real money this summer–it’s too bad there are so many bills to spend it on.

In a week summer quarter ends and I immediately go into teaching a course for the 1-month gap term between summer and fall quarter. It ends the day before N’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe my kiddo is almost a year old. Luckily I’ll have my family here for all of September so they can babysit the boy while I’m teaching/grading and we can all have fun for at least a week after I’m done teaching.

I’ve just got to plan an awesome birthday party…

The cutest official pic ever!

12 Aug

We’re going to get N. his passport sometime this month–it’s kind of a process because both parents and child need to appear in person at an official document receipt facility–but we’ve gotten the first step done and taken N’s passport pics. This actually goes alongside hubs’s citizenship application so it’s a huge “check” off our family to-do list.

Isn’t our kid a cutie?!?!

Milestone: baby’s first roadtrip!

12 Aug

Last week we took our first roadtrip with N. I was worried about how it would go–he tends to get sick of the car after a couple hours and it’s a 10 hour drive. We were heading to Montana to shoot a wedding and spend a couple days with my family. We decided to split the drive there into 2 days–we drove halfway after work on Wednesday and the rest of the way to the Flathead valley Thursday. My family met us there so they could watch N. while we worked and my brother helped us out a bit. Friday we shot a wedding and Saturday we drove through Glaicer National Park and then to my hometown, Helena, MT (3-4 hours away from Glaicer). Sunday was spent with family in the sun and Monday we drove back home.

It was a whirlwind trip with a lot of time in the car, but babe did great!! It was probably our favorite trip to Montana thus far (competing with West Yellowstone for Christmas a few years ago). Hubs had an awesome time, as did I. It was so great to be out in the sunshine, breathing fresh air, and N. got to see so many new things and new people!!

Here are some of the best pictures from the trip. I’ll follow with a post of some of the things we learned travelling with a 10-month old.
Glacier is seriously one of the most awe-inspiring places in the world!
Logan Pass visitor’s center where we went on a short hike. It was seriously one of the funniest experiences of my life! I put N. in the carrier on my front and we made our way along the trail/boardwalk.  N. enjoyed looking around and every time I’d take a step up (either on rocks or boardwalk steps) he would giggle. So in order to keep him laughing I began to briskly walk/run up the trail. Everyone we passed (and it was a very busy day) thought he was just the funniest thing–a laughing baby and his mom running up the trail. It was hilarious–and a great workout – LOL.
There was a family of mountain goats hanging out up there, too 🙂
My brother came along and it was so much fun to hang out with him!!
The drive from Glacier to Helena – we took mostly rural highway and it was gorgeous!

My dad & brother installed a baby swing in the backyard

It was really hot outside so we got a little baby pool for N. to play in. It ended up being the center of all social activity–everyone grabbed a drink and sat in the shade and adored N. He got to splash and we all caught up.
We can’t wait go visit again next summer, this time for longer!!