Things we love: Round 2

1 Jun

Back when babe was about 3 months, I posted a list of things we love. I was talking to a friend the other day who is expecting and I realized that there’s a whole new pile of things we find indispensable. So I figured it was time for another “things we love” post.

1) Baby Trend Expedition Stroller AND

2) Graco SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat

(carseat pictured above is a different color than ours)

I {heart} this stroller – we all {heart} this stroller! It is rugged, easy to fold, fits in our scion Tc, and makes whoever is using it feel cool. Our carseat (Graco sungride 35) clicks into it, too, so it’s super useful!  

We chose the stroller because of the big wheels and sturdy design. We chose the carseat because it has good safety reviews and I was looking for a seat that would take N. to a year or more (the 35 size means it goes up to 35 lbs).   I should have reviewed this carseat back in round one since we’ve used it since day 1, but it only became an important part of our lifestyle when we got the above stroller. Now, whenever we go to the store, we unfold the stroller, click on the carseat, and off we go! It’s super easy and dad loves to race around stores with his boy. The only slight complaint is the clicking mechanism isn’t perfect so you have to get the angle just right to click the carseat on to the stroller and until we figured it out, it was a stressful headache.

3) North States Superyard Play Yard, Colorplay

This baby jail is awesome – it’s 6 panels make for a large space that is still sturdy and easy to step over. It is bright and colorful. It keeps baby contained yet happy since he can see through it. Now that N. is on the verge of crawling, he scoots and rolls all over the place. It’s nice to have a space where we can put him down and know he’s not going to get into anything or hurt himself.

4) Ergo Baby Carrier (Galaxy Grey)

Love this thing! When N. got to be about 6 months (around 20lbs), I started to get a backache when I’d put him in the moby. But in the Ergo, he’s as light as a feather! Now I wear him when I go out with him alone (easier than putting together the stroller–plus I love to give his little baby head kisses while I shop). I also wear him around the house, especially if he’s fussy with teething. I can’t wait to go for walks or hiking with him on my back, too. Gotta get dad to try it–nothing sexier than a babywearing dad 😉

5) Diapers:

We no longer love Target diapers. Actually shortly after my last review they started to be really leaky (and we had a box with a design error that made them leak even more). We went back to pampers cruisers and they are great. But right now we’re using Costco diapers and they work great!  So that’s my diaper recommendation for now!

6) Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station

N. got this from his grandparents for Christmas, and it has been fun to watch him mentally/emotionally develop with this toy. At 3 months it freaked.him.out. At 4 months, he would kind of sit and look. Maybe press a few piano buttons. At 6 months, making sounds was fun, but the loud parts (a spinning frog, pop-up bugs, etc) were still scary. Now, at 8 1/2 months, making loud noises is the best part! The cool thing is that right now he is captive and can play (while working on standing on his own feet) but as he grows older he can play at the table without the little support chair.


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