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Milestone: More teeth!

25 Jun

I was wiping N’s face and hands today after a yummy dinner of blueberries! Beets! and organic O’s when I looked down at his mouth and noticed that 2 MORE TEETH had broken through on the bottom! Where did those babies come from? After his last top tooth broke through earlier this month, it seemed like teething symptoms had subsided (and a nice case of separation anxiety kicked in, but that’s a whole different post), so I was surprised to see these little teeth poking through his gums. My baby boy is getting so big!!

In other news, this cutie-patootie rode in the cart yesterday at Target. He had so much fun!

We spent the morning today hanging out in bed–babe crawled all over our big queen bed. It was so fun!

N. can now crawl around and then push himself up into a sitting position. Sometimes when he’s playing in his play yard I’ll step away and when I come back he’s in an entirely new place in an entirely new position.

What a happy-go-lucky boy 🙂


A Day in the Life: My 31st Birthday

24 Jun

I haven’t done a day in the life post since babe was just a teeny baby, but I was inspired by this post on the BabyRabies blog and decided to do it again. It just so happened that Saturday was my birthday and thought it would be a fun day to capture.

I didn’t quite take a picture every hour, but I will let these photos show the day.

Midnight: my birthday begins! Hubs wishes me a happy birthday and we eat a couple slices of my giant key lime birthday pie. Yummm!

1 am: We settle onto the futon to watch Netflix and go to sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night: babe wakes up to eat and I move to the bedroom to feed/co-sleep. I check the curtains to see if sunlight is showing around them . . and go back to sleep.

Noon-ish: we sleep in and then we get up to work and clean. The biggest birthday gift this year would be just getting stuff done–having a clean apartment, getting caught up on work, etc. While doing dishes and dancing to music, N. falls asleep.

4pm – head out for a birthday treat. My first pedicure! It was soooo relaxing!!

5pm – pedicure complete, I head to a nearby salon for a nice haircut. I haven’t had a proper (i.e. over $20 haircut) for a loooooong time. Since I only cut my hair 2x/year, getting a good haircut is probably worth it.

6pm – get home, grab babe and take a birthday pic with my cute boy and my cute birthday hair.

7pm – feed baby, get him down to bed, and prepare dinner. Hubs got me roses and grilled salmon.

8pm – Enjoy a yummy green salad, broccoli salad, and amazing salmon. Yummy x3!

After dinner, Hubs called home so his parents could wish me a happy birthday. Then we watched some movies and repeated the previous evening–futon, bedroom, feed baby every 4 hrs. Typical day in our life with a 9-month old baby!


Big Boy Bath!

21 Jun

Big Boy Bath!

Tonight babe took a bath without the baby seat in his little whale tub and he had so much fun!!

9 month photo outtakes

21 Jun

I just had to post these–N has become such a wiggly-wiggly boy that it has become quite difficult to take his monthly pictures.  Here’s some outtakes from his 9-mo photo session:

9 months!

19 Jun

The stats: For clothing, you’re completely in 9-12 month clothes. Anything I buy should be 18 months because you’re growing like a weed! Updated: you are big and healthy! You weigh exactly 10 kilograms, or 22 lbs. That puts you in the 71st percentile for weight. You are 76 cm.29.9 inches long, which is the 91st percentile!! 

Nicknames: bunny (zayets), muffin, Nikitos, mal-chu-gan, krasavits, krasavchik, chi-ki-ti-ta, “cutest baby in the world” (because you are).

Temperament: After you finally cut your fourth tooth this month, you suddenly went back to being the chill, happy baby you’ve been since the beginning. While teething you didn’t like to go to bed or nap–I’m guessing the dull ache of sharp teeth cutting through your gums was simply unbearable during quiet times. During the day you were still pretty chill, though. You are still quiet and observant, especially with new people, but with your family you are a silly silly boy! You have a mischievous grin that appears more and more often. And you are a ham for the camera! I’ve never met a baby that instantly grins whenever a camera comes out!

What You’re Eating:  You love blueberries, eggs, cheese, baby mum mums, your purple star cereal, yogurt treats, and eating mommy’s yogurt. You’re not such a fan of broccoli or carrots. Bananas are tasty when they’re still a little green–when they’re ripe and sweet you won’t eat them (just like your mama!). You are now eating consistently every evening and occasionally in the morning.

Things I Could Do Without:  Teething? That made you a cranky babe. Biting was also a big problem this month–you got 4 teeth between 7 and 9 months and every time a new one appeared you would bite me until you got used to it. I think it was just realizing that that new tooth was there–but owww!! I actually had one pretty raw nipple thanks to tooth #4 😦

Item/Toy I Love The Most: I really enjoy your play table because it keeps you contained and entertained . . . and I like sitting on the floor with you with a book.

Item/Toy You Love The Most: You really love to touch new textures – one day at the store we got a little stuffed octopus which was so fun to touch! Really, toys aren’t as interesting as real things–my shirt, my scarf, dad’s pants. .. strings are your favorite–especially the strings on the hood of my jacket. And the best thing of all? Chewing on these new textures. You were just like a little baby goat for weeks.

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now:  Your wiggles and your giggles!

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Exploring! You spent the month at an almost-crawl where you would scoot and wiggle and roll so that you could explore new things. Everything is a new touch, texture, or place to explore!

This has been a big month for you: you cut both your top middle teeth. You began to scoot and lunge and all the pre-crawling activities. You got to spend a whole week with your grandparents, including two 12+ hr days without your mama. You got more cuddles and kisses than you could handle! I love seeing how much your grandparents love you–your grandma keeps saying “he’s such a GOOD boy” about you. You’re a delightful and easy baby and we are so thankful!

You have now been out in the world just about as long as you were inside–it’s just remarkable to look through the months and see how big you’ve gotten (and yet you’re still so small) and how much you’ve learned (and yet there’s so much more to explore!). I am still amazed every day that I’m a mama and I’m amazed and thankful that you are my boy ❤

my favorite picture ever!

And now they’re gone …

18 Jun

Ooh, it’s nice to be on the other side of this week (which is crazy thinking about the week we have ahead of us!). We had 2 back-to-back weddings for our business (including a 3-day Indian wedding extravaganza). I had some hours to put in for my upcoming teaching job. N. cut another tooth and we tried to get work done while we had someone to play with babe.

But now it’s over and my parents are already back home in Montana.

Despite the craziness, this week was wonderful!!!! I can see N. benefiting from all the interaction he got from his grandparents. He’s pretty much crawling, he’s “talking” a lot more, and he’s developed even more dexterity–especially hand movements in response to ours. My mom taught him patty cake–he doesn’t quite play it yet but will mimic what you do. I think itsy-bitsy spider is up next.

Air Force One from the 1960s–Kennedy used it and Nikita Khrushchev toured the US in it!

While they were here, we ate a ton of good food, visited a local museum, and got a lot of work done. And they didn’t only take care of the babe–my dad fixed a broken drawer in our kitchen that has bothered me for months but it is pretty much on the bottom of my “to do” list. It was nice to have people to help feed us, do dishes, etc. Nice any day, but especially nice while we were so busy.

N. spent a lot of one-on-one time with grandma and grandpa and I think they had a lot of fun together. My dad sure got excited to take the babe to Home Depot and Costco – haha! Babe got used to napping without mama around, but the last night they were here was a wedding that went past midnight and, thus, past babe’s first wake-up/feeding. He refused everything but his mama–and my mom barely got him back to sleep an hour later. I made sure to give him extra cuddles today!!

happy Father’s day!!

I am so sad to see my parents go. I love seeing them as grandparents. My dad is the cutest grandpa ever. It brings back so many good memories of my childhood and I really think being a “daddy” or a “granddad” is what he does best. My mom is so caring–it is clear that N. is so comfortable with her! I love having four extra hands to hold my baby, four extra lips to give him kisses and two people who adore him as much as we do.  I know he misses them already . . . and so do I. I just wish they didn’t live so far away. I’m pretty much counting the days till they’re back in September.

Crazy Week

12 Jun

We’re currently in one of the craziest weeks this year – it’s technically my summer break before I begin teaching full time this summer + my RA-ship project. We had a wedding (for our business) yesterday and another on Saturday. To add to the stress, babe’s other top front tooth cut through the other night (with blood! eew!) and he’s jusssst about to crawl. Luckily my parents are in town to watch the boy (and he did just fine at the wedding yesterday – thanks mom and dad!!).

Here’s a quick pic of N. with my dad to hold you over until I have a chance to post again 🙂