Summer Plans

26 May

Our plans for summer keep shifting and changing, but it is definitely going to be a busy one. Instead of our usual summer full of weddings (If I hadn’t explicitly mentioned it before, hubs/our biz is to make wedding films), we’ve stepped back a bit and only have a few. I’m glad about it because we’re behind on edits (which leads to a lot of guilt/stress/arguments) and because we’re really taking time to refocus a lot of things in our life. Also, between the two of us juggling babe, we need someone to watch the kid and that doesn’t work if we’re both working full-time, even if it is from home.

I had a couple options for summer, but I was waiting on logisitcs. When it looked as though my RA-ship wouldn’t extend into the summer (which was previously suggested), I put in my schedule request to teach English-language classes to international students for the summer. Last week I got my ideal schedule teaching 31/2 hours back-to-back, in two advanced level academic courses. Yay! That schedule counts as full-time, except I’d be paid hourly (for what amounts to 12-15 hours of work, although the pay accounts for teaching the equivalent of a full-time job).

Well, at 4:50pm yesterday my boss called to offer me that RAship – he found some funds and wanted me to stay on. Today we went in to talk logistics and it would be a 50% position (i.e. 20 hours) but during summer we are allowed to work 100%. Do you see where I’m going here?

It looks like I can teach “full time” and do my RA-ship because 20 hours + 12/15 hours still adds up to less than 40 hours. So I just may have the chance to make bank this summer.

The only questions now are 1) can I handle doing that much work? 2 classes (both require grading some writing) plus the RA-ship (which looks like it will be coordinating/designing a website for fall) and 2) will payroll get mad? I have to contact my director for the teaching position to give him the heads up, but everyone in the English office (which coordinates payroll for the RA ship) emphasized that it won’t be a problem.

So can I handle it? My boss wants to go to Taiwan this summer. He wants to golf a lot. I don’t expect that he’ll want to see me a lot this summer, he just wants to do this project with me and make sure I get paid for it.

Oh, and did I mention that I still need to read lots and lots of books for my comprehensive exams in fall?

But hubs is really supportive (and excited about the prospect of making lots of money) and babe is getting onto a really good schedule. I’ve had the luxury of being really lazy the past 9 months–sleeping in ’till almost noon every day (nice when you’re not sleeping longer than 4 hours in a stretch in most nights), not being away from babe for more than 4 hours (therefore exclusively breastfeeding and rarely pumping), etc. I think we could manage to step things up a bit and still be ok.

So, I think I’m going to do it!


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