On sleeping and teething and other things

23 May


We have had a busy week for no other reason than living life: that is, we’ve had video projects due, I had a training to finish, N. has been teething, etc, etc. I have noticed that we go in cycles of tiredness, sometimes relative to how much sleep we’re getting, sometes just related to how much we have going on. Multitasking takes a lot of energy, and we’ve been doing a lot of it lately. But today seems better – N. slept from 3 am to 11am (after an 8pm-12 shift and another from 12-3), which meant that we got about 7 hours of sleep straight. Feels amazing! All this sleep is coming on top of nice long daytime naps, as well, so I’m pleased that our good little sleeper is going to a good little long sleeper šŸ™‚

Babe’s top right tooth has definitely broken the gums and the top left can be felt as well. I’m guessing that his better sleeping patterns are coming from the teething pains fading. I also did a diaper change at 3am since he always wakes up with a full wet diaper in the morning. He’s beginning to sleep longer regularly and we are all thankful.

I’ve been helping hubs with video edits because it’s kind of fun and it’s nice to help him work faster. We’ve been really behind in our edits for the past year or so and that backlog of work leads to a lot of guilt and tension. We do good work, but if it’s not delivered in a timely manner, people don’t notice the quality . . . But even as we speed up, technology still conspires against us. For example, we just finished this edit that was really solid – high quality, creative, enjoyable to watch. But there was a bug somewhere in the computer-to Blu-ray process that made the audio out of sync for parts of it on the BluRay. Took us DAYS to figure out a work-around (as in, just this afternoon we think we may have gotten a DVD that works, not yet a BluRay). It’s frustrating and we still haven’t actually solved the root problem. But I hope that it’s just one of those little bugs that affects one project and we can all move on. Frustrating, but actually not surprising when you think about the amazingness of digital imagery (taking something that happens in real life, preserving both the audio and video as a sequence of 0s and 1s, bringing it to life on a computer screen, editing those images and sound to music, and then putting it back into 0s and 1s on a disc that can be played on your TV. Crazypants!). So if it’s working, that’s one less thing occupying my mind.

My RAship has been busy this quarter: I put together a conference proposal, I helped coordinate some trainings, I helped plan an assessment party. . . the list goes on. Having real projects with a real timeline means that even if babe is teething, our business is crazy, I get no sleep, or something else comes up, I still gotta go to work and get stuff done. But we completed the last training last Friday so now it’s a matter of wrapping up projects for the summer.

I got my teaching schedule for summer and it is great! A 2-hour academic writing course and a 1-hour academic lecture/writing course – it’s a full schedule and it should be great!! I have lots of ideas on how to make the classes useful and interesting to both students and to me.


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