Bad Kitty

16 May

good kitty

We’ve had our cat, Simon, since we moved to the US. We got him in July 2007 from the local humane society. He’s quite the character–he think’s he’s a dog (i.e. he wags his tail and plays fetch, he goes to the bathroom exclusively outside)–but he’s chubby and playful and we’re quite attached. We’ve had some crazy moments with him–one story always sticks out in my mind:

When we go to Montana to visit my family, we usually bring him along. He does get carsick, so we don’t feed him the night before we leave. One time he must have gotten food somewhere else and when we got about 20 miles out of town, he was doing his usual barfing so we stopped at an exit and let him outside for air. Usually we leash him when we’re somewhere new so he can’t run away, but for some reason this time he wasn’t (we were in a hurry? he jumped out too quick? I don’t remember). He ran out and into a vast expanse of blackberry bushes in his carsick horror.

We gave him some space, cleaned out his carrier (In the past he travelled in a a dog carrier–so it was big and comfy, but now he travels in a cardboard box because he seems to get less sick in a tight, dark, enclosed space), and waited for him to return. But he didn’t. We waited. We put out food. We called him. Nothing šŸ˜¦

So hubs went into the bushes to try and get him out–he pushed thru the brambles. He beat them with a stick thinking it would scare Simon out. Nothing. He hacked through the brush to try and find a sign of our kitty.

We were set to drive to Montana that evening (leaving after work, this is happening before sunset) to go to my 10th class reunion. But we couldn’t leave our kitty to go to MT, but we also couldn’t sit by this blackberry forest all night. So we put out food, stopped by some houses nearby to ask about our missing kitty/mention that we’re looking for him and hesitantly drove back to Seattle to sleep and get up early the next morning to find our kitty.

We got up at 5am the next morning and headed out. We drove back to the spot where we let him out of the car. We called him and listened. Sure enough, we heard his faint meow! We called again and slowly we saw him sheepishly slinking out of the brambles exactly where he went in. My guess was that he jumped out of the car, carsick, and found a comfy spot to hide/rest/sleep. By the next morning he was feeling better, hungry, and missing us.

So we packed up our kitty and went on our way. We have since then found a good, natural carsickness remedy and this was about the time we switched to the box, so we haven’t had problems since.

SO – we love our kitty a lot. But he can be a BAD kitty šŸ™‚ He’s done well with a baby in the house, mostly ignoring him. But sometimes he makes a nice bed in the baby’s things. Not sure if it’s for attention or just to find a comfy spot to sleep. I’ve been slowly documenting evidence of our bad kitty, and thought I’d finally share šŸ™‚

He’s also taken to hanging out on our neighbor’s cars:

And hanging out on a camera bag (bad bad kitty!!)

(there were no cameras in the bag at the time!)


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