8 months!

15 May

The stats: Informal weighing puts you at 22 lbs. You seem to be getting really long, too. Next month we’ll have official measurements and I’m excited to see where you’re at. Our neighbor has a newborn and I just can’t believe you used to be that size!! For clothing, you’re completely in 9-month sizes, and moving into 12 month. It seems like I just packed away the 3-6 month clothing!

Nicknames: bunny (zayets), muffin, Nikitos, malchugan, krasavits, krasavchik, vampire baby (because you squint whenever the sun shines on your face as if you’ve never seen it before), “cutest baby in the world” (because you are).

Temperament: Observant and opinionated. Whenever we meet strangers, you just watch and take it all in. You notice your kitty all the time and I can just see you dreaming up ways to torture him 😉  When we were talking to grandma and grandpa on skype, you really began to associate their voices with the movements on screen.

What You’re Eating: This month food has become more consistent, although I don’t feed you solid food every day. Breast milk is definitely your constant, eating 6-8 times/day (3 solid feeds each day and 3 at night, with a few smaller feeds in between–especially when you’re fussy). Right now you enjoy eating baby mum-mum crackers, avocado, banana, steamed sweet potato chunks, pad thai, chex cereal, scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, and russian “zuchinni caviar.”  Spices don’t faze you at all! You don’t love your fancy organic puffed cereal treats and sometimes avocado or banana get the thumbs down. As does the gorgeous mango I cut up for you. Baby mum-mums get the thumbs up every time.

Baby’s first Pad Thai

Things I Could Do Without: inconsolable crying (i.e. teething). There have been a few rough nights this month when you cried like never before. Newborn crying is frustrating because it is hard to distinguish between types of cries and everyone is so sleep deprived. When you cry now, I can quickly tell your bored cry from your tired cry from your hungry sounds.  There have been a couple nights where you cry the saddest sobs of pain, tiredness, and frustration. One night I rocked you to sleep with you in the ergo and me bouncing on the exercise ball. Another night there was about 2 hours of passing you from me to dad and back until we could finally calm you. I was wondering what’s up but finally you let me get a peek into your mouth and sure enough–your two top front teeth are breaking thru.

Item/Toy I Love The Most: your play yard – I can put you down and you entertain yourself while learning new skills. You roll and stretch and try to crawl. It’s fun to watch you think and learn new things!

Item/Toy You Love The Most: You’re loving the hand-me-down foam letters our Brazilian friends gave us. Yesterday when you talked to grandma and grandpa in Montana on skype you were obsessed with your number “1.” You’re also loving your play center that grandma and grandma gave you at Christmas: not just the piano but all the toys on it. Food is pretty awesome, too.

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: You are SO ACTIVE! Your grandma was so impressed with your dexterity when she watched you on skype yesterday. I don’t notice these things because I’m with you every day, but I do notice how excited you are and how active you are. You’re a laid back kind of guy, but there’s a special energy you have for playing with ma and pa 🙂 You love your papa so so much! You love to eat, but when you’re nursing and papa walks into the room, you immediately turn to look at him.

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Exploring: you love to touch and feel new things. Whether it’s trying to tear the grass out of the ground at the park or catch your kitty’s tail, you love to feel every new sensation. Whether it’s by touch or taste, you want to try everything!

Muffin, this month life with you has just gotten normal – normal as in I no longer care that I feed you a couple times at night – I still manage to get enough sleep. We were talking about when grandma and grandpa will visit next month and how we can actually go to the grocery store alone without having to pull you out of the car, put you in a stroller carrier, etc. and your dad said that he doesn’t even know how to go shopping without you 🙂 He has so much fun zooming around with you in your stroller that you’ve just become an indispensable part of all the little things in our life. We know your cries and giggles and glances. When things break up our routine (like teething), we both jump into action to console your sadness/frustration/hurt. We both love you so much and enjoy showing it, showering you with kisses and snuggles. One of the best nights ever was actually after the night of inconsolable crying when, after you calmed down, we three had a giggle party at 2:30 am in bed. So fun!

N is 8 months old!!!

And a little outtake from some video we shot just after this photo session (not to make you think that N. is perfect all the time – haha)


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