My First Mother’s Day

13 May

Today we celebrated my first mother’s day and it was delightful. My husband isn’t one to buy surprise gifts or flowers, so I’ve learned not to expect him to. Rather, I tell him how I want to spend the day/what I want and he happily obliges. When I really thought about it, I wanted to sleep in, I wanted tasty food, I wanted some cute pics, and I wanted some sunshine.  He delivered on all of it 🙂

The day started with baby and papa skyping with babushka and dedushka in Ukraine. I slept in a wonderfully empty bed until I wanted to wake. By then baby was hungry so hubs brought him to me and we cuddled and N. ate. I got up, took a long shower, and blow-dried my hair. I put on my new sweater and dressed babe in a cute new outfit. We took pics outside on my iphone:


Then, we went for a drive–stopped by Target to return some clothing that didn’t fit right and then we headed out to a neighboring town to hit up the Russian store for some treats. On the way I got a yummy frappuchino and we cruised with the windows down. On the way back, we picked up some really tasty grocery store sushi to snack on for Mother’s day dinner.

At home, we straightened up the living room (I put a new duvet on our comforter–so fresh! it made our living-room bed look almost tidy). Then we got back on skype and chatted for an hour and a half with my parents! Babe was totally entertaining showing off all his new moves.

After being so chatty, babe was super tired and he went right to bed.  Hubs and I have spent the rest of the evening chilling, with wine and our yummy sushi (I’d share a pic but we’ve already devoured it). 

I can definitely say I feel rested, happy, and appreciated. Yay for Mother’s day!


2 Responses to “My First Mother’s Day”

  1. CP May 14, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

    Happy first mother’s day! On my first mother’s day I got NOTHING! My husband said, “you’re not MY mother?” LOL. But he learned his lesson 🙂 And very cute pictures. Love the overalls. I almost bought the same ones today for Ryan 🙂

    • GradBaby May 14, 2012 at 9:03 pm #

      Yeah – my husband would totally do that (esp since he’s not from the US) but I’ve learned not to quietly expect anything and just tell him what I want. I’ve had plenty of ruined Valentine’s days, etc, to know better. I’m glad your husband has learned – a trainable husband can usually make up for his shortcomings 😉

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