Baby eats – feeding update

5 Apr

Since babe started eating a few weeks ago when he turned 6 months, we’ve been just doing a little trial-and-error to figure out what works best for our boy and for us. On the one hand, our family doctor encouraged us to begin feeding N. solids so that he would begin to get more vitamins, especially iron which is not especially abundant in breast milk. I guess it’s also good to start building his palate for different food flavors and, of course, to work on developing skills such as chewing and the pincer grasp. So we tried avocado in chunks and mashed. We tried jarred baby food (which we get for free with WIC). He’s eaten some banana in chunks and all mashed up. And I’ve realized a few things about him and about me.

1) My brain likes baby-led-weaning and my babe likes it. He likes to play with the food by himself and he’s very opinionated about how he eats. I’ve read research and anecdotes and baby-led-weaning is developmentally supported and has a strong following among parents.


2) My anxiety likes baby purees. The doctor said he should eat, we have a cupboard of jarred food, and he hardly chokes on the stuff, so it must be good, right? I can spoon-feed him and it won’t be as messy and I know how much food is getting into his belly. I’ve spoon-fed my babe jarred sweet potato, applesauce, baby food meat, baby yogurt, mashed banana, mashed avocado, mashed black beans. . .He likes it thick, so I often mix in the mixing-ready baby oatmeal. When he’s in the right mood, it’s really fun to fill his belly by feeding him little-spoonful by spoonful into his hungry birdie mouth.


back to point 1 – he’s independent and likes to do things on his own. He often shuts his mouth and turns his head away. He often grabs the spoon away so that he can feed himself, getting food everywhere in the process. I don’t actually have all day to feed him so then I get annoyed. ..


I’m realizing that at 6 months feeding is not a big deal. We give babe food when it’s fun for everyone, he get’s milk when it’s easiest for everyone. Babies really only need breast milk until 12 months, so he’s nutritionally OK if he doesn’t eat solids. Solids are there for play and for developing skills and tastes so I’m not letting myself lose sight of that. When he eats a lot it usually takes him a day or two to digest, so we might feed him one day, skip the next and then see how he’s doing the third day. We feed him when we have time for food and a bath. Today he got 3 bites of baby yogurt and a teething cookie (which he LOVED). We’re using a variety of food to get some nutrients into him, develop skills, and keep his and my anxiety at bay 🙂

We’re definitely not feeding him on any pattern or routine, but just going with what works for us at any given time. That seems to be my parenting philosophy in general – find what works right now and go with the flow.

I listen to my baby, I love my baby – the rest is secondary.


2 Responses to “Baby eats – feeding update”

  1. Shanny April 10, 2012 at 8:52 pm #

    Try him with one of these with something kinda chunky in it. Maybe it will help ease him with wanting to use his hands to feed himself.

    • GradBaby April 14, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

      A friend gave us one of those and we’ve tried it a couple times. He’s finally get the hang of it, so I think we’ll be using it more often! Definitely helps with teething discomfort, too, when we put frozen fruit in it.

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