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My week in pictures

29 Apr

It has been a busy week doing a lot of little things, so I’ll just let these iPhone pics show what we’ve been up to.











Fighting sleep

22 Apr


I haven’t written any updates on baby sleep since January when we had our big co-sleeping epiphany. We are still co-sleeping and overall it works for us. But the past couple weeks have been rough on the sleep front. I think it may be related to all the developmental milestones N. has been hitting recently: new teeth, eating food, being able to sit up, playing more, etc. His body is changing and his mind is expanding and that, of course, affects sleep.

One week he seemed to be having digestive issues from all the new kinds of food, so I’ve been feeding him largely breastmilk with the rare snack. His tummy seems happier (i.e. less gas symptoms, back to normal breasmilk poo), so I’ve started the occasional snack again. His teeth are coming further out and he still drools a lot, is constantly blowing raspberries, and seems to be playing with those new teeth (both verbally making new sounds and physically touching them). He is sitting up to play, rolling around a lot more, and getting a lot more physical–I can see the ability to crawl approaching and I’m terrified!

The milestone that may be affecting us most this week may just be FUN! N. plays a lot more – he seems to have a bit of separation anxiety and gets upset when he’s not in sight of mom and/or dad. He really likes to be held. He laughs with us and at us a lot more–no need for physical stimuli (i.e. blowing on his tummy, tickling his feet, shaking his toy fox by his face). He even got a shoulder ride from his papa last night and LOVED it.

So now, every time he wakes up it has become more of an ordeal. He doesn’t want to go back to sleep. Some of it may be related to the separation anxiety: he wakes up and I’m not there and WHERE IS MA? AAAH!! And so he cries and gets worked up. Then, he wants to play–sit up and touch things and practice all his new skills. Except he’s still swaddled at night and than means un-swaddling him and then re-swaddling when he starts to whine and rub his eyes 30 minutes later. It’s time-consuming to “put him to bed” 2 or three times every night. But then I’m all about following my baby’s cues. .. .but then, I’d love for him to start sleeping all night regularly.

Babies thrive on routine–N. goes to bed at 8pm, wakes at 11-ish, 3-ish and 6-ish. He’s up for the day at 10:30-ish. Some days he really is hungry at those times. Some days he seems to just want comfort. I’d love to get him to drop a night feeding, but it is hard to let him cry (thus waking him up further and harder to calm) so I just feed him and he sleeps more. So I’m actually ok with waking every 3-4 hours at night–it’s just the recent wake-up-and-play that has been killing me.

Luckily it seems to be passing. Last night was back to the usual routine of wake-eat-sleep. He’s also napping better: the last few days he’s been napping for over an hour at a time, 2x a day. I’m actually thankful for real naps–they make getting things done so much easier!

Today he took 2 long naps and seems to be sleeping well now, so fingers crossed for a new sleep routine ๐Ÿ™‚

Easter weekend

16 Apr

The Easter bunny came to our house for the first time this year:
Since we’re Russian Orthodox, we celebrate religious holidays on a slightly different calendar. This is great for me since I, ahem–the Easter bunny, can get Easter stuff at a discount ๐Ÿ˜‰

Babe got 2 sippy cups, a DVD, and a pinwheel while dad got lots of candy to share with mom. He also got some paper lanterns to decorate his newly-organized office.

Not only did we get some cute presents from the Easter bunny, we had some beautiful weather! We went out to play on both Saturday and Sunday–and have some cute pics to show for it (even pics with dad!):

My babies

15 Apr

N. and Simon hang out “together”

That smile just kills me! โค

7 months!

14 Apr

The stats: Baby is getting bigger – our informal measurements put you at 20 pounds. Still in size 3 diapers and 9 month clothing (definitely grown out of anything 6-month).

Nicknames: bunny, muffin, Nikitos, lastochka, krasavits, masunya, baby Ni-ki-ta, vampire baby (because he squints whenever the sun shines on his face as if he’s being melted by the sun)

Temperament: SO HAPPY! This kid smiles for the camera, smiles for dad, smiles for mom. . . he gives a shy smile to strangers. Just a happy-go-lucky boy. He’s also beginning to play – he’ll follow and watch dad as he walks around the room. He’ll hide in my shoulder and then peek out and laugh. When eating, he’ll turn away to look at dad or tv or whatever. His little personality is developing and I love it!

Things I Could Do Without: I was thinking it was teething pain, but I actually think kiddo was constipated–he’s been moaning and cranky sometimes and I couldn’t explain it.ย  He’s been teething for so long I just couldn’t imagine that was it. Finally yesterday he pooped and it was thick, today the juicy baby poo returned and he seems to be in a better mood. So I’m definitely pacing the people-food. Feed one day, skip the next. Lots of fruits and veggies in small amounts and lots of milk to keep things moving.

Item/Toy I Love The Most: I think your little stuffed fox is adorable. I love that you’re still totally entertained by your crib mirror and your play center. I just love how well you keep yourself entertained!

Item/Toy You Love The Most: Still lovin’ your duck toy, the new little fox I picked up at ikea, and the cloth “book” with numbers and shapes. You still love your dolphin movie and the S. American documentary, as well.

Things Iโ€™m Loving Most Right Now: Playing with you – you’re finally becoming more interactive and it’s fun to spend time with you.

Today was an awesome day: we slept ’till 8:30, got up and moved to the living room. There, we played (and you sat independently for the first time !!), ate breakfast, caught up on the news, and then took a little nap.ย  After short nap 1, we went into the office to work. I sat at the computer and you sat in your high chair and played next to me. When you got bored, we went back into the living room and cuddled on the futon where we both fell asleep for a proper nap. After waking up an hour or two later, you, me and dad went to the park! It was a gorgeous day and you enjoyed looking at the water, the people, and the city.

Things Youโ€™re Loving Most Right Now: Everything – with the nice weather you are visiting so many new places. Every day new parts of the world are catching your eye and it’s exciting. Whether it’s noticing our kitty or meeting strangers at Target or going to the park, you just enjoy everything!

I love these monthly photo sessions and questionnaires because it really shows how much you grow in a month. I this one month you tried your first food, went to your first foreign country (Canada), cut your first teeth, and sat up on your own. You’re such a big boy and you change every day. I love how you smile all the time unprovoked. Your crankiness always has a simple reason and you’re so easy to “figure out.” I love co-sleeping with you, even when you wake up a million times and don’t let me sleep. I love watching how you adore your papa–you follow him constantly with your eyes and no one can make you giggle like your dad!

N, you are an amazing boy and I’m so proud that you’re mine! I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us!!

Milestone: sitting up

14 Apr

After working on being able to sit up independently for weeks now, this morning you did it without help! Good job little boy ๐Ÿ™‚

Good morning!

14 Apr

Baby is 7 months old today!!