24 Mar

Right now I miss Ukraine.

I became an adult in Ukraine: I learned how to teach there. I met my husband there. I got married there. It is like a second (or third) home to me and I haven’t been back in several years. We look forward to taking our son there to meet his Ukrainian family (grandparents and aunt and cousin and extended family) but it’s difficult logistically and financially to pin down just when we’ll go. We must take him before his 2nd birthday because after that we’ll have to buy him a plane ticket of his own (that, and I don’t think his Ukr-fam can wait to meet him!). I can’t wait to get on a plane to travel and to visit this place that means so much to me and see how much it has changed in the last few years. My husband can’t wait to visit home.

So watching that video made me incredibly homesick for Kyiv, a beautiful city, and for Ukraine, a beautiful place I called home for almost 4 years and which will forever be a part of my family!

This spring I want to do a few posts about my life in Ukraine–maybe resurrect some old emails/blog posts from when I lived there or reflect on my life there. It’s definitely a part of me that has lost focus over the past few years and I miss it!


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