6 months!!

16 Mar

The stats: Baby has doubled his birth weight and then some: he is now just over 18lbs and 26 1/2 inches long. I didn’t get the exact percentiles but he’s above average for both height and weight (we should get those next week when he goes in for his 6-month checkup). He is in size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothing. He’s such a big boy!

Nicknames: bunny, muffin, Nikitos, lastochka, krasavitz

Temperament: emotional! N. goes from happy to observant to fussy. . .or some combination of the three. It is so funny that when babe gets cranky, he can go from tears to hysterical laughter in seconds! He definitely loves attention and gets fussy when he’s bored.

Things I Could Do Without: I actually can’t think of anything! The most inconvenient thing for me right now is babe’s weight – he’s getting to heavy to carry around in his carrier, the stroller is bulky, and yet he’s not mobile on his own. That means going somewhere with him is more of an ordeal. I’d love to bring him to campus more, but it’s a pain!

Item/Toy I Love The Most: Despite the bulk of the carseat/carrier and the stroller, I LOVE the actual stroller and running around with it when we’re out and about. It’s been cold the last couple weeks, but going for walks are fun as is just going shopping with babe. I enjoy living our normal life with baby in tow.

Item/Toy You Love The Most: N. loves his duck toy, a documentary film about dolphins, and of course, milk! Milk makes him happy almost anytime and having his duck in hand (watching the dolphin film) is like heaven on earth 🙂 Right now he’s hanging out on his bouncy chair, blowing raspberries, watching the dolphins and it is so amusing!

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: Giggles! Babe has become a lot more emotional this month which is awesome–he shows his independence, his personality, and yet he still needs his mama and papa. He plays shy, looking at someone and burying his head in my shoulder. He’ll fuss and cry but melt into my lap. I just love that he loves and needs me so much. A couple days ago, though, he was fussing while I was at school. I came home and dad was walking around with him to keep him happy. I came in and was telling dad about my day and babe would just look at me and laugh. I couldn’t say more than three words without babe bursting into laughter. It was hysterical!

I also love baby dance parties. I’ve been trying to talk and play more with babe (which is less obvious than it may seem), so we’ve been taking time every day or so to dance and play. I turn the “Raffi” station on pandora radio and we sing and dance and play. It’s time that I just tune the world out and spend time with my boy.

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: You love your mama and papa!

I felt that there were a lot of changes this month, but it just became so apparent when we did your monthly photo shoot. You’re sitting up (nearly on your own) and your spine is so straight. You spend so much more time on your belly or side (napping more and more on your side, unswaddled). You interact with us so much more–you laugh at us and with us. You blow raspberries (usually when you don’t like something–you use them to express displeasure without whining).

Also – you have hair! Your baby hair is pretty much completely gone and you’re getting so much more hair on top! It is blonde and curly–angel hair like your mama had when she was a baby 🙂

When I think about it too much, I get so emotional! This past half-year has been one of the most difficult of my life and brought the most change I think I’ve ever experienced. I have been through major transitions many times, but nothing like giving birth and going through the newborn stages. This has been the most difficult period of my life and yet, I can hardly remember the pain, the tears, the challenges. You keep us busy and happy and focused on the future! You laugh and grow and teach us new things every day. I can’t believe my tiny, helpless little boy has grown into such a “baby” with such a personality–and this growth will only continue as you learn and develop more! In 6 months your mama and papa have grown from people into parents. From husband and wife into mom and dad. We’ve learned a lot about each other and about life–and yet we feel so much like “us.” You have just fallen into place in our little family and we are SO GLAD you are here! We love you so much, little boy!

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